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  1. Mike
    Mike at |

    I recently replaced my toilet with one that uses less water per flush, and it works great. I like the idea of the AQUAdue toilet though, it’s a clever way of reducing the amount of water a person uses in their homes while encouraging hygienic behavior. Just make sure to use soap as well! However, I’m wondering if the AQUAdue is just a top attachment for current toilets, or is it an entirely new toilet you have to get installed?

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    1. Christopher Roberts
      Christopher Roberts at |

      I think it’s a completely new system Mike – think of the changes in plumbing…

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  2. Neil@Graphic Design Sydney

    Hi Christopher, sounds like a great show. Like you I am quite comfortable with Windows 7 however yesterday installed Windows 8 on a new office desktop. It seems very different. Given that I am more interested in the software running on the OS as opposed to the OS itself it feels like a bit of a burden to have to re-learn how to navigate through Windows.

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