18 thoughts on “5 Reason Why Phishing Is Still A Popular Trick

  1. Phishing is really a bad thing. It is need to install software to detect such websites which have bad chunks of software and can steal our data. Best solution is to have a separate passwords and usernames for different websites.

    • Sometimes it is good to separate all the username and password. Perhaps password management software can help but I do not have the free time to research on. However, some antivirus do have phishing detector. Those antivirus might help

  2. This unfortunately is a common problem. I know of people who have fallen for it and I am sure it will happen again in future. Articles like this can help reduce the instances so thanks for highlighting it.

    • True. In fact I have friends who nearly fall for it. But some did asked me before whether the email is legitimate. Hence it was proven to be a fake one after calling the bank to verify.

      Thanks for dropping the comment.

        • Sorry for providing an inconsistent information there. Due to the reason that in my country, the local bank does not practice emailing the customer. Communication from bank to customer is only through text-message using SMS. Therefore if you call the bank, they will confidently tell you that there is no such thing as email sent from the bank as sending email is strictly against their policy. But this information is quite inconsistent as not every country practices the same, so I would like to apologize for providing such specific-based statement as a general statement >.<

          • Christopher (admin team)

            I was never attacking you for making a wrong statement!

            I think it’s great that you are replying to comments Alan, I just meant to add further to your comment 🙂

            Well done you 🙂

  3. It’s a great method because you don’t have to actually break the password.
    These days, wherever i look i see websites asking for complex passwords, but why? There’s nobody going to break it, even if it’s “abcdefgh”. They’ll just trick you in revealing it, and then it’s of no use if you have a 30 char pass with $#% in it or a 123456 pass.

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