6 thoughts on “Is One-Factor Authentication Really Sufficient?

  1. I agree with you that with the development of the Internet more and more troubles comes related to the security of the information kept online. There are many cases when the confidential information was revealed to the whole world. This is the top priority of the Internet technologies.

    • One of the biggest of course is the Sony Playstation Networks where millions of emails, usernames and credit card details were stolen some partially were put on some torrent site for download. That is something we don’t really hope to see and even multiple factor authentication would not be able to save that. It is a sad for those PSN customers and most of them undergo the credit card replacement.

  2. I think the problem of security will become even more acute and hot in the future and it is time for us to think about it right now before we got into completely. I try not to give too much confedential information about me in the Internet, but at the same time you can easily find anything about every person.

  3. I’m into online banking for about 3 years now and so far so good. I haven’t experienced any problem with my bank. The good thing with my bank is they still ask for a security code before I do any bank transfers and payments too. So accessing my bank account is still safe no matter what. They also require us to change our password every 6 mos I think to avoid any problems. Truly, I’m satisfied with their online banking system.

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