Is the future of telecommunication VoIP?

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The rate at which people are opting for mobile VoIP suggests that it is going to become the most popular mode of communication in the coming times.

The huge cost difference between mobile VoIP and ordinary mobile networks posses a great threat to the later and that is why several mobile operators have even tried to halt the widening streak of mobile VoIP.

Voice over Internet ProtocolHowever, the striking difference with which the mobile VoIP is beneficial for the users, has rendered mobile operators accept the fact that the coming era belongs to VoIP. This understanding has made a number of mobile operators switching to the mobile VoIP instead of conventional mobiles, thus competitors being turned into supporters. Consequently, more customers are opting for the switches to avail a better range of options, better technology and increased convenience at lower rates. The very launch of mobile VoIP into already existing VoIP is an innovator step which is much likely to revolutionize the telecommunication world in the years to come.

The commencement of VoIP technology was not that successful in the beginning owing to the fact that lowering of cost was compensated by a compromise on the quality. The internet basis of VoIP instead of a landline was being adopted by only price conscious lot whereas the quality conscious lot was reluctant to make a shift. However, over the years, the quality of VoIP has been several fold bettered and even the landline phones are lagging behind in the clarity and sound quality of VoIP. The amalgam improved quality and low cost renders VoIP a smart technology and a wise alternative to conventional telephone land lines system. Owing to such strikingly favourable features, VoIP is gaining its popularity in private as well as business sector.

The success and acceptance of VoIP has led to the development of mobile VoIP that has further transformed the world of telecommunication. Mobile VoIP, though a newly introduced technology, is likely to be accepted open armed by the quality and price conscious lot and soon, the contemporary mobile market will be taken over by mobile VoIP. If viewed in the long run, mobile VoIP undoubtedly is going to be the centre of attraction in the coming years.

The acceptance that VoIP service is presently enjoying, it can be anticipated that a further beneficial technology as that of mobile VoIP will definitely grab its right share in the market.

Mobile VoIP being the smartest technological outcome with all the supportive features and the cost effectiveness is likely to be adopted by both private as well as business sector in the years to come. The reasons for which the home and businesses VoIP is being adopted by people are still intact and even further beneficial in case of mobile VoIP which suggests a radical acceptance of later amongst the masses.

17 thoughts on “Is the future of telecommunication VoIP?

  1. Once the technology is stable there, I’m sure mobile VOIP will be the future. As the internet connection is getting cheaper, it will surely over take the current phone call technology. It just the matter of how long the technology can make it easily available for everyone.

  2. Well I have used VoIP in its early days. Voice with VoIP was broken and sudden call breaks was a routine. However with the passage of time, VoIP experts overcame these problems and right now the voice quality of VoIP is better than any other communication technology.

  3. Actually broken voice was clearly due to the low internet speed. It happens rarely now because right now, we have more bandwidth. Just a decade ago, 1 mb bandwidth was very costly but now we have much more bandwidth in every home.

  4. Sudden call break is also because of low internet speed and this problem has long been forgotten because of the increased bandwidth at low rates. Right now, we don’t have any such problem with VoIP service.

    • Christopher (admin team)

      Faster internet really does make this technology much better, I agree 🙂

      Great to see a new face around here, welcome!
      Christopher – Admin Team

  5. Surely that VoIP has good future, but at the same time the Internet connection and the speed and the quality is still low in many countries. We need to make people use it as well as it is beneficial in some cases.

    • Christopher (admin team)

      Innovation is fantastic, isn’t it? 🙂

      Thanks for adding your comments you have now become part of the community!
      Christopher – Admin Team

    • Christopher (admin team)

      As technology gets more commonly used, the price will often drop, that’s very true Fred.

      Welcome to the Technology Bloggers community 🙂
      Christopher – Admin Team

  6. It is true. VoIP service is dependant on internet and majority of the problems associated with VoIP are in fact problems of internet. If you get your internet right, you will never have any problem in your voip phone service.

  7. This is my personal experience. I changed three providers in three months but I was not getting satisfactory service. Finally my friend came to me and inspected all the internet wires at home. To my surprise, he repaired and joint and sudden call breaks were gone forever.

    • Christopher (admin team)

      That’s often the way it goes Joseph, you think it’s the providers fault, but actually when you check your own equipment, you just needed a new lead or something!

      Thanks for the comment, welcome to the Technology Bloggers community 🙂
      Christopher – Admin Team

  8. I have learned a lesson in the last three years usage of VoIP. I check my internet lines at my home every month. That saves me from a lot of problems. This inspection keeps runing my internet, VoIP TV and also my VoIP phone.

  9. Yes this is a better solution. If you keep a regular check on your internet lines, you would never face any problem. Often people keep on changing voip service providers one after the other but after a long time come to know that there is a problem in internet lines.

  10. I think mobile VOIP is pretty much ideal to use by us, mobile users. However, this consumer’s choice can surely affect our load networks too. I’m not really sure how’s the flow of telecommunication in other places, but here, we find it very cheap to use VOIP than the normal way of communication.

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