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Here at Technology Bloggers we believe in fair and honest practise. We take your privacy and security very seriously. We are human and respect that you are too.

This page details how Technology Bloggers tries to ensure your privacy, security and experience are always maximised.

Should you have any questions or feel that amendments need to be made to our policies, please contact us.


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  • Content – Information on the stuff we write
  • Biased – Opinions, and how you should interpret them
  • Brand – Details on the Technology Bloggers brand
  • Comments – Information on leaving your feedback/opinions on articles
  • Ads – Details on advertisements that may be shown from time to time on the blog
  • Cookies – How we use of cookies to improve your experience
  • Third Party Cookies – Other cookies potentially in action
  • Your Data – A description of how we treat your personal information
  • Sponsored Content – Details on how and why we may publish sponsored material
  • External Content – Our liability regarding external content
  • Amendments – Dates when our policies have been updated


All content published on Technology Bloggers must be approved by a member of the community with author status or higher. People with such privileges, are people which the community feel can have our trust invested in them, in the respect that they will not act in such a way that could put the blog or any members of the community at risk in any way.

Should you believe someone with such rights is not taking the safety and privacy of the blog or any member of the community seriously, please contact the editor team as promptly as possible via the contact page.

All written content on this blog is original, and copyright remains with the editor team. Once content is published, the editor team hold the rights to the content, so were a dispute to arise, as to whether the content should be changed or removed, the editor team are the only people with the rights to choose. The editor team will always strive to act with the best interests of the blog and community at heart.

Images, videos and other media may be sourced from other sites. In such cases, writers are (and should always be) careful not to publish material which may lead to dispute or prosecution for any reason. If material is explicitly labelled as ‘do not copy’ material, writers will not reproduce it.

We ask that writers use the 3 and 1 rule when producing content, to ensure that their information is reliable. Whilst most writers and commenters will try to make sure that what they state is true, we advise that you always independently verify facts.


Views of different members of the community are just that, and only that individuals opinion. Writers views in their articles do not necessarily represent the view of the blog as a whole. Likewise comments do not represent Technology Bloggers stance, merely that individuals.

At all times we try to ensure the blog remains as impartial as possible.


The Technology Bloggers brand may not be used without prior permission from the editor team. Commenting or writing on the blog does not give users the automatic right to use the brand.

Technology Bloggers content may be referenced and linked to at will.

The Technology Bloggers logo design remains the property of Christopher Roberts. If your avatar is used in the logo and you do not want it to be, please contact the editor team and it will be removed.


All users have the right to comment anonymously. We will not publish your email address if you choose to use it. It is helpful if you use your name or a nickname or alias.

If you have a Gravatar it will appear alongside your comment, if you don’t you will be automatically assigned one. For more information see our article on Gravatar.

Comments must be written in good English.

All comments must add value to the blog, so they must either contribute useful information, answer someone’s question, continue a conversation, or be considered worthy for another reason.

We use a plugin called ReplyMe so if someone replies to your comment you will also get the reply as an email.

Comments may be republished on the blog, elsewhere on the Internet or in other forms of publication. Comments and trackbacks that are not approved may still be used.


Occasionally pages on the blog may display Google AdSense – or other – ad units, in order to help fund the blogs hosting – authors may however generate revenue from ads specific to their article(s).

Neither Technology Bloggers nor any of its writers which choose to display ads, control the content displayed by Google AdSense. The content of ads is specifically targeted by Google, in order to try to maximise user experience.

If a Google AdSense ad poses a security threat, or presents offensive material, please press the ‘i’ button (AdChoices) in the corner of the ad, which will take you to a page where you will be able to report the ad in question. Please ensure you report the ad and not the blog, as it is Google’s choice of ad at fault, not Technology Bloggers.

Google AdSense AdChoices button

The AdChoices ‘i’ button.


Technology Bloggers may drop cookies on your computer. We use the WordPress content management system, and this uses cookies. See here for more details on WordPress cookies.

WordPress uses cookies for logged in users and commenters. When users log in, their authentication details are stored in a cookie. Cookies are also used for commenters convenience, storing commenters name, email address and URL, so there is no need to type it again next time.

Other than WordPress, we do not use any other cookies – be aware that third parties may.

We used to use a cookie to implement the What Would Seth Godin Do plugin, (which shows a message to new users) however this is no longer active.

Third Party Cookies

Some writers add Google AdSense to their posts. For please click here for Google’s usage of cookies to improve your experience of the ads displayed. Technology Bloggers uses Google Analytics to monitor the blogs traffic, this also uses cookies. Please refer to this page to see how Google Analytics uses cookies.

Other third party software Technology Bloggers uses such as plugins, may use cookies. Technology Bloggers does not control the data these cookies may collect.

Please consult the relevant privacy policies for more information on cookies that may be dropped by third parties.

Your Data

Sensitive data that you leave on the blog when you comment, subscribe etc. (such as your email address) will never be made public without your prior permission, and it will never be sold to third parties.

Sponsored Content

Unfortunately, blogging is not always free. In order to create a good blog, you often have to purchase a domain name, rent hosting, buy plugins and themes etc. Technology Bloggers is a community blog, however the editor team pick up these costs.

In order to help fund such costs, from time to time we may host sponsored content. This may be in the form of a competition, editorial, video or other means. Should you ever see content on the blog declaring it is sponsored, then it has been done so in order to contribute to maintenance costs.

Please be aware that the editor team will never publish content which they believe could harm the blog, would not be beneficial to users, is tasteless, or not relevant to the blog.

For more information on promotional content please visit our advertisements page.

External Content

Technology Bloggers is not responsible or liable in any way for the content of external sites. We may choose to link to external sites, however we accept no liability for them. If writers recommend products or services (including software) then that is the recommendation of that individual writer alone, and not the editor team, or the community as a whole.


This privacy policy may be amended at any time.

Below is a list of amendments to our privacy policy.

  • First introduced: 28th of January 2012
  • Amended on: 13th of March 2012
  • Amended on: 12th April 2012
  • Amended on: 29th of April 2012
  • Amended on: 14th of May 2012
  • Amended on: 18th of May 2012
  • Amended on: 19th of May 2012
  • Amended on: 15th of June 2012
  • Amended on: 11th of July 2012
  • Amended on: 17th of February 2013
  • Amended on: 22nd of July 2013
  • Amended on: 25th of August 2014
  • Last amended: 27th of November 2014

Should you have any queries regarding our privacy policy, please send them to the editor team via our contact page.