Conference calling has never been so easy!

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When you think of conference calling, you think (of I do) of complicated systems where big businesses get in contact with each other, or where employees within big businesses contact each other.

Then along came the likes of Skype and Google Talk introduced VoIP, and the whole thing became much simpler, opening it up to a much bigger market, not just big businesses.

Recently I came across a site called Powwownow, which is a voice conferencing site. Powwownow uses both VoIP (for its web and video conferencing) and telephone conferencing.Powwownow LogoThis means that you can use its conference call services via the phone, rather than having to do it over the internet. Now many people prefer the internet, I understand that, however telephone conference calling also has its merits.

With VoIP you are subject to drop-out if you don’t have a very stable internet connection. Say you are calling across time zones, meaning that you are calling someone at 8:30pm, then half an hour into your call, when peak time internet usage starts, you could experience slower internet speeds and ultimately drop-out – a logistical nightmare! Telephones don’t really experience this issue.

Furthermore, with VoIP it can often be hard to understand people due to poor microphones being used by whoever you are calling, now telephones don’t offer the clearest quality possible, but it’s usually pretty easy to understand someone using one!

Powwownow’s system is dead easy, all you need do is enter your email address and you will be given a pin. You then contact whoever you want to be in the call and tell them when you want the call to be, what the pin is and the dial in number. Finally, ring up their dial in number, enter your pin and start conferencing!

This all makes conferencing easy, quick, secure, and thanks to low international rates, cheap too!

Do you conference call others as part of your job, or do you do conference style calls to get in contact with friends or relatives? Why not try a free conference call courtesy of Powwownow and let us know how you get on!

5 thoughts on “Conference calling has never been so easy!

  1. Well, I use Skype or Gtalk to contact with my friends only I haven’t used it for professional reason as yet. I’ll try Powwownow soon and see how it actually works. Though I’m totally satisfied with Skype and Gtalk VOIP service.

  2. Communication has taken leaps as technology associated with it has improved tremendously.. I remember when skype was introduced for the first time, how people couldn’t believe that they had been blessed with such an amazing service, that also for free.. And now mostly all smart phones have in-built video conferencing..

  3. I use Skype and I am satisfied with the quality of work. I know that many use Gtalk and may be they are right, but in fact there are many services that offer the same idea and I don’t see so much difference between them.

  4. Hello Christopher,

    I think most of us use the Skype or Gtalk for normal conversation, even some people use it for business purpose, I’m happy will Skype and it works well for me, but now I got a new thing form your post (Powwownow) I must try it, and hopefully it will be a good experience. Thanks for sharing this:)


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