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  1. Neil@Web Design

    I really like the idea of being able to access your heating remotely, would be great when you are heading back from holidays or when there are sudden changes in the weather. Hopefully it should result in some significant energy savings.

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  2. Adam@Yinlips YDPG17

    I like the idea of popping onto the myhome page just before leaving the office, and coming home to a nice warm home. Especially handy if you had forgotten to set it before leaving your home in the morning. I hope it hits the mainstream soon :P

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  3. Grace @ Claxton Engineering

    Very interesting! This is absolutely the technology of the future. And without a doubt more people will be using this since it is very essential most especially for those who are going on a vacation or those who just want to be going home comfortably.

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    1. Christopher (admin team)
      Christopher (admin team) at |

      Say you were off on holiday Grace then the technology could be really useful. You could turn your heating off whilst you are away, and then on your way home you could either re-activate your schedule via smartphone, or text a temperature via SMS that you want your house to be at when you get home.

      It really is clever stuff!

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