Careers in the ICT Industry

A lot of University students will be turning their attentions to their long-term futures over the coming months with millions graduating from their courses this summer. As a result the demand for jobs is likely to increase and, as we all know too well, the number of positions available is far outweighed by the number of applicants.

This can cause many job seekers to get disheartened and end up working in fields that have no use for their skills or abilities. The whole three years at Uni can seem like a complete waste of time, while the debt continues to rise making you even more frustrated!

For those completing computer or media-related courses, the opportunities are always on the rise, with more and more brands looking to move into the online space and with those that are there already trying to expand wherever possible. Traditional newspapers and magazines are moving into digital sectors and many companies and brands are looking to develop their existing websites or to create new ones that will help them to grow their brand identity.

This means that even if you had your sights set on a career in PR or journalism, for example, you could be presented with a series of opportunities that are not exactly what you may have wanted or what you had considered previously but could suit you to a T. For instance:

Web Design

You might have been the sort of person who loved coming up with innovative designs and you spent every spare few minutes you had doodling on pieces of scrap paper to stay entertained and develop your skills. The graphic design industry is one that’s difficult to get into, but web design is a sector that is growing rapidly.

As the demand for game-changing websites continues to grow, more and more creative people are needed. If you have knowledge of how websites work as another string to your bow, you might find your true calling in web design.


Google SEO Ranking Chart

SEO is a rapidly growing industry, and is now a major global employer.

Search engine optimisation has turned from a small acorn into a mighty oak in the past decade or so as a result of technology and websites developing. Site and company owners all want to reach the top of the search engine results for specific terms and phrases so that they get as much business as possible. The higher up the rankings you are, the more likely you are to be seen and that is their target.

To do this, you need experts who are capable of implementing a series of strategies to help find their way to the top. Anyone with knowledge of how sites work, meta descriptions, link building and other forms of “tech wizardry,” can get into SEO a growing and ever-evolving sector.

File Sharing: Is Your Business Getting the Most Out of It?

Has your business ever reached a point where it’s run out of spare capacity for important files on its hard drives? If so, you might wonder what you could do to make sure it never happens again. The same might go for moving large files around, which can be fiddly at the best of times when email accounts cannot cope.

More room

A business can never have enough spare capacity for files. A growing number of businesses throughout the world have turned to cloud computing to help do both for a variety of reasons, which include:
Data servers

  • Being able to store files online in a ‘cloud’, an online space where they can be accessed securely.
  • Being able to share files from the cloud with clients and colleagues – collaboration is also possible.
  • Providing a viable alternative to a traditional server which is far more cost-effective.

While all this is help to make using the cloud palatable, there may be a possibility that businesses aren’t getting what they expect from some cloud storage providers, and that’s where enterprise cloud computing services like Egnyte come in.

Value for money

As with everything else they buy, businesses should make sure they get the most from their cloud storage and online file sharing package. There are a number of pitfalls facing companies who turn to the cloud for some of their IT solutions which they would do well to avoid.

The main one is the limits placed on the amount of file space you have to work with and the size of files which you can share. Many providers have limits in place, so it’s important to get as much space for as little money as possible. Also, consider what your business needs – how big are the files which you share and how much space do your files take up?

As this article states, the way in which your file sharing vendor affects your internet connection is also important. If you have several file sharing accounts, they could slow your internet speed down, so take that into consideration before choosing the right service provider.

Safety first

Another factor that should influence choice of a cloud file sharing provider is the security of their services. Most providers have security software which limits opportunities for accounts to get hacked, while a few have taken extra steps to make users’ accounts practically impervious to even the most sophisticated malware.

2012 Proves to be Award-Winning Year for Oracle

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This year is off to a good start for Oracle, as the company won several prestigious awards which put Oracle at the top of their game. Can the business software provider continue its success throughout 2013?

Oracle's LogoV3 readers awarded Oracle as Best Business Intelligence Vendor at the V3 Technology Awards 2012. After receiving the award, an interview with Nick Whitehead, senior director for business intelligence (BI) at Oracle UK, highlighted some relevant areas for Oracle and IT professionals as a whole regarding how 2013 looks for the ICT industry. Mr Whitehead discussed the systems developed by Oracle in the past year and how BI is affecting decisions being made and for the future.

Mr Whitehead highlighted that 90% of the world’s data was created since the beginning of 2011 with expectations for this data volume to multiply 50 times by 2020. He emphasised this by adding:

“Often it is talked about as a problem for IT – how do you capture and store all that new information? There’s lots of it, it’s arriving fast and there’s lots of variety. Our customers are starting to ask ‘how do we get business value from all that data we’ve never captured or analysed before.’ I think that’s a better question. Value is realised with analytics. We want to help our customers find answers with business analytics. In every industry we’re seeing answers emerging, new business models where using all this new data is imperative. Once the business case is clear and understood, we can help them solve the IT problem with good architecture and engineered systems to allow them to acquire and organise it in a cost effective way”

Advancements like these help many understand why IT has continued to be a thriving sector compared to other business sectors across the globe. The technological possibilities in answering these raised questions also mean for those in oracle jobs, forthcoming year is set to be an interesting and rewarding time.

Oracle’s success continued with being recognised as the global market leader in customer care systems and in overall market share by revenue. Leading industry analyst company Analysys Mason published the report in January 2013 based on 2011 shares.

Mark Mortensen, principal analyst at Analysys Mason, commented on the announcement saying:

“Customer care systems are increasingly important to communications service providers as they work to gain competitive advantage and reduce customer churn. ‘All-in-one’ CRM systems, such as Oracle’s offering, help CSPs reduce costs and grow revenue by enhancing self-service channels, improving cross-channel sales and marketing efforts and improving business analytics”

Yet another success came with Oracle being placed in the Leaders Quadrant by Gartner Inc in its 2012 “Magic Quadrant for Integrated Revenue and Customer Management for CSPs” report. This is based on the high level of vision and ability within the company.

Widely recognised as the leader in the field, Oracle seems to going from strength to strength, will 2013 be another award-winning year for Oracle and their workers?