Are you Facebook addicted?

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19 thoughts on “Are you Facebook addicted?

  1. Christopher (admin team)

    A very good article Andy.

    Like Marc wrote a few days ago, don’t get yourself addicted, it’s not healthy!

  2. Andy,
    I completely agree that life is beautiful. Outside Facebook there is life, love and this life is REAL. I think that Facbook addiction (or any kind of Internet addiction) is a problem nowadays and will become a bigger problem in future.
    I think we should go out more and socialise more and use such social networks as Facebook just for fun and … from time to time.

  3. FaceBook can be a powerful online marketing tool and can generate a lot of traffic to a website if you like spend time in this social network. So, FaceBook addicted people can easily become successful online product advertisers.

    • Christopher (admin team)

      I see what you mean Terje, being very knowledgeable about the site could help you in the world of business, but is it really good to become addicted?

      Thanks for taking time to become part of the community!
      Christopher – Admin Team 🙂

        • Christopher (admin team)

          Sounds a bit like Twitter that Raymund, who wants to know what tine you got home from the shops and what type of bread you had for lunch!
          – that is unless it was really nice bread 😉

  4. Way back before, I’m so addicted with my facebook account because of all games offered in FB. But seems like I already lose my interest on it, I seldom visit my account now and do some updates.

    • Christopher (admin team)

      What made you loose interest Josh? Bored of the games, not very useful content?

      Thanks for taking the time to become part of the community via the medium of commenting!
      Christopher – Admin Team 🙂

  5. Facebook addicted? No! Frankly I spend far less time on the social networking sites than most people. Most of what people post on these sites really do not excite me. However, facebook can really be good in chatting with friends who are not close to you.

  6. I can say that I’m not addicted – I visit Facebook only when I get a message from this site about some notifications or messages for me. I prefer living natural life. The same with e-mails – I check them only once – in the morning.

  7. Hi, Christopher
    First of all, I just want to say ‘Hello’. I see that your blog is very young but according to the number of commentators and comments – it’s very active. Good luck to you!
    Now about Facebook addiction. I think that it’s a problem – a huge problem especially for teenagers. They don’t understand what else to do rather than to chat online or leave comments to other people’s status.
    For me, Facebook is a place that I visit from time to time just to see who have appeared. By the way, I’m too busy to waste my time on doing nothing in Facebook.

  8. Facebook becomes the part of life of hundred and thousands of people. I visit several times in a day to check the activities of my friends. But still it indulged in my life that I have to visit it. People should meet to other in real life. Because that is awesome.

    • Christopher (admin team)

      Wise words Allen

      Thanks for dropping by and adding a comment, you are now part of the community!
      Christopher – Admin Team

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