A warning to all writers and potential writers

A guy called Andy Groaning wrote some seemingly original content for Technology Bloggers recently. This was published on Monday.

WARNING!I did a quick check today, and it turns out that the article was also published elsewhere, just before we posted it (as it was scheduled).

Our post guidelines specifically say

You can repost the content on your own site 3 days after it has been published on Technology Bloggers, as long as it has a dofollow link to the article, and if possible (not necessary but thoughtful) to Technology Bloggers

Duplicate content can kill a blog – it can make search engines hate you. This is why we have this rule. One very selfish person like Andy could bring down the entire community blog. Bye bye community, bye bye great content, bye bye everyone’s dofollow links etc.

Before guest posting, please read our post guidelines or your post will be rejected.

Andy also had two other posts in the queue for moderation, these were both launched elsewhere already.

Andy you have lost your links, your article and your profile. I have also notified the other blogs involved, so you can expect a big loss in links soon.

Let this be a warning to others – duplicate content will be destroyed.

12 thoughts on “A warning to all writers and potential writers

  1. That’s why I still prefer staying away from guest blogging on my blog. It’s impossible to check everything and everybody. Hope it won’t hurt your position.

    • Christopher (admin team)

      Today we have had over 10 new user accounts created, and slowly they are adding posts to the pending queue. I am checking them all, but they are all spammy duplicate content 🙁

      I have had to temporarily disable the rule that lets everyone create an account in an attempt to stop this madness!

  2. That’s a huge bummer, sorry about that.

    From what I’ve read duplicate content doesn’t hurt your whole site as much as those individual pages that post the content, but I could be wrong there.

  3. Duplicate content is poison for your blog. It simply paralyzes your blog’s commercial potential. All that you have to strife for, you must make sure that the content you offer is unique!

  4. Unique articles are your only weapon to compete commercially. Of course, people are interested on reading new ideas. And it is really a shame for those people who only did the copying of one’s work.

    • Christopher (admin team)

      I agree Pete – although there are other ‘weapons’ (as you put it) too 🙂
      Plagiarism is a real issue. Oh well, our new systems seem to be working well 🙂

  5. This is crazy. Those people actually stole the writer’s talent and effort. For the writers out there, put the security of your article first. You will never know, someone might take it away from you.

  6. Duplicate content problem is really a severe problem now a days. Now, people should think a little bit more about it. Now, in the age of Google, People should not do this and should try to use their own words, concepts and ideas.

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