Some serious trouble with user spam

Technology Bloggers is currently experiencing a big problem with user spam. Basically people are adding accounts and then posting articles which have also been posted on many other blogs – completely voiding our writer policy.

To try and solve the issue, you now have to apply to become a contributor.

SPAM Stops Here!I have set up an new page where you can apply to become a contributor. I will approve your application and send you details of your account and how to login – it just wont be instant like it used to be.

By all means get your article ready, and as soon as I email you with details of your account, you can schedule it.

5 thoughts on “Some serious trouble with user spam

  1. Spamming could p*ss people off. I do not understand why some people are still doing this stuff. I think they could do much better than by just wasting their time doing nonsense things. What they are doing would only add junks to the network.

    • Christopher (admin team)

      It would seem that you also feel my frustration Pete, but please do not use bad language on this blog. I have stared out the offending word.

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