Technology and the future of gaming

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about how technology is going to impact the way we work in the future. Now I am going to let you into some treat that may be in-store for us, sooner than you might think, in the world of gaming.

More Family Integration

Critics believe that in the future, despite popular belief, gaming will not be more individual, each of us in separate rooms, but more communal, with entire families uniting, in order to play together.

This is mainly due to the rapid developments in home entertainment systems based on competition, and also movement. In 2006 we saw this trend start to develop with the launch of the Nintendo Wii. This immediately pulled people together to game, more so than ever before. Games like Wii Play, and Mario Kart have brought families (and friends) together to play across the world.

In 2010, Kinetic for the Xbox 360, adding further elements of full body participation to gaming. Later this year, Kinetic will be available for computers too. Also later this year, we are going to see the release of the Wii U, the next model of the Wii.

The Wii U

A preview at Nintendo’s new Wii: the Wii U

It is devices like the Kinetic and Wii that are making gaming more social, with even more exciting and innovative devices coming out soon, also aimed at bringing us together.

Mind Control

You read right, mind controlled games are much closer than you might think. Thanks to the developments of advanced brainwave sensors, it is now possible to control things using your mind. All you need is to wearing a simple headband and earpiece with the advanced sensors attached, as brainwaves can be captured and interpreted on your scalp.

In the near future, we could potentially have ditched the controller, and be doing battle with our minds. Games where the the more you concentrate, the better you do, are a leap forward that has been made, and will be released to the mass market very soon.

Mind control could work with all sorts of games, however currently the technology works best with simple ones, like a game of tug of war (the harder you think you pull, the harder you pull!) and archery – focus on the bullseye, and you are more likely to hit it.

Mind control can help to create a much more personal experience, when gaming. This technology can also be applied to movies. Multiple scenes can be shot, and depending upon your emotions and how you are reacting to events, you could see different things. Sound cool hu?

More Interactive Experiences

I have already talked about things like the Wii, and Kinetic, but other systems, like the the Trixter Xdream are going to revolutionise the way we play, and the way we keep fit. The Wii let us play golf and tennis in our living rooms, but it didn’t feel all that real, did it? The Xdream accurately simulates riding a bike outside, using a computer display and a modified exercise bike.

Trixter Xdream Exercise Bike

The Trixter Xdream exercise bike

This means that you can feel like you are going for an outdoor workout, on a real bike, but becoming totally immersed in the experience, in the comfort of your own home – you may need to open some windows to create the draft effect! The bike is currently on sale for around £6,000 GBP, however in the future more and more of these devices (which will get cheaper and cheaper) are going to make their way into gyms around the country, and also even our homes.

TVs are set to get smarter soon too, with firms like Samsung and Google revolutionising the way we use our televisions.


3D has been around for a while now, decades in fact, however there has always been the need to wear glasses. In the very near future, we could see glassesless 3D TV’s in our homes, providing us with 3D entertainment with no goofy glasses.

This technology will be able to offer gamers total 3D immersion, making the experience feel even more real. Match that with motion technology and the gap between fiction and reality narrows even further.

To Conclude

There are so many other revolutionary technologies and products that are set to change the way we have fun in the future. I have written about just a few to wet your appetite for what is going to be appearing on the high street within the next few years.

By all means research this further, and if you find anything interesting, let me know!

Gaming is set to change, quite radically and quite soon. The question is are we ready for it?

14 thoughts on “Technology and the future of gaming

  1. With HD and 3D and soon no doubt, there’s going to be 4D, interactive gaming dominate households and gamers. Technology will continue to improve thus, this means more to expect for the future. As parents, it’s a big responsibility to ensure that our kids will not only love the virtual world but also get connected to the real world.

    • Christopher (admin team)

      That is something we will need to consider more in the future Albert – the security and safety of all this new technology, and how it could impact on our lives. We can have virtual reality in our living room, but we still need real reality!

      Thanks for adding your views Albert, welcome to the blog 🙂
      Christopher – Admin Team

  2. There’s certainly been huge strides made in gaming since the early days of Pong and Pacman. Today, they are no longer considered kid stuff only but as entertainment platforms for all ages in the same vein as the TV, movies or music is.

    The immersion factor is incredible today and I think in the future, we will have devices that plug directly into our brain and make the experience as real as possible.


  3. The whole idea of mind control in gaming sounds amazing. Where will it all end. I agree with David on the virtual reality comment. A decade ago it looked like VR was going to be a big part of the gaming future but now it appears to have slipped off the radar.

  4. Devices like Kinect and Wii not only have made gaming more social but healthier as well. Kinect games like Zumba Fitness and Your Shape are not only fun to play but they make us move our whole body a lot more compare to games that only need us to move mostly our fingers with either the mouse or joysticks. These devices have combined fun and health together, hence staying fit while playing games has now made possible.

    • Christopher (admin team)

      That is very true Peter, most of these new interactive games do get you moving. There are some though, not mentioning any names (Nintendo Wii!!!!!!!!) that can still be played with minimal effort, just flicking your wrist whilst slouching in a chair 😉

  5. Already 4D has been implemented, i believe its gonna be massive hit in the consumer market, once its out, 3D will definitely be out of sight.

    • Christopher (admin team)

      When you say 4D I assume you mean 3D, but with environmental things like generated weather, or do you mean movement – like your chair is moving. Or do you mean something else?

      Explain to me 4D.

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