How To Climb Up The Online Business Mountain

If you have ever participate in an outdoor activity, especially mountain hiking, you will agree with me that it has a lot in common with the strategic steps we ought to go through before expecting rewarding online business success.

Just like outdoor activities start from recording a list of the necessary gear to use, succeeding in online business also involves a strategic approach of proper self organization, from getting the required working materials to effective time management.

Even while there is already a lot of fun in working from home, it also comes with some time and self management challenges which often keep most of us from climbing up the online business mountain and achieving total control and freedom.

On top of a snow covered mountain

Climb the mountain to online business success

For an effective approach towards achieving online business success, we have to pay attention to the following:

Effective Time Management

This is the most important factor that determines the level we can reach as online business owners. Ineffective time management can ruin our progress and deter us from achieving the great heights. For effective time management, we need to:

Schedule our time: Doing the dishes, laundry, coking and some other household activities are going to steal your business time, if you don’t schedule them wisely.

It is true that these activities are necessary and have to be done, but you will be more productive both at your family duties and at your online business, if you schedule special periods in the day for everything you need to do in the house and for your online business as well.

Once it is the time for each of them, leave every other thing you are doing and focus on them. This will improve your concentration and ensure you accomplish more.

While these activities are inevitable, there are others, like online chats with friends, online videos and their likes are total time-suckers and should be avoided.

Stop procrastination: Once you have fixed activities for the day, don’t shift one to the next minute. If it is time to get something done, get it done. I learn this the hard way, but it is good you know that every minute of the day comes with some needs. Shifting any activity to the future will pile up with loads of other activities and eventually will overwhelm you.

Working place and passion for your job

It is critical to love your work and be able to do it in a nice and cozy place. For effectiveness in online business we need to:

Create a space and keep it organized: Even though you work from home, getting a separate office for your business will make you take it more seriously and ensure that you accomplish something on daily basis. Also, properly organizing your working space will ensure that it doesn’t repel your interest but instead, lure you to work.

Love what you do and let the others be aware too: Tell your family and friends that even though you stay at home, certain periods of the day are dedicated to your online business. They will respect this fact only when they see how bold and serious you are, and how important this is for you; hence you need to show them that commitment.

Measure your success and reward yourself: Most times, many online business owners lose hope and give up when they feel that nothing is working. Even that period is important, because you have found methods that don’t really work and you just need to concentrate to do things differently. However, find a way to measure your success, even if it is the little things you accomplish in your day, and reward yourself for that by taking yourself out, watching your favorite TV series, etc.

With all these been cleared up, you have built a strategic plan and you’re ready to go. Pack your backpack with all these necessary gear and with determination hit the trail to online business success. The path won’t be easy, but you will be prepared.

13 thoughts on “How To Climb Up The Online Business Mountain

  1. Hey Nick! Outdoor activities aren’t among my hobbies, but I understood the most important things. I totally agree: organization, discipline and commitment are important in business.

  2. Christopher (admin team)

    Hi Nick, a really interesting article you have written here, one with some really good points.

    Having a schedule if obviously very important, and as it a designated workplace. What I don’t think many people realise, is that if you are working from home, it can be hard to ‘switch off’/chill out if you are working in the same room that you eat in/chill out in/sleep in etc.

    Thanks for writing for us, I look forward to the future!

    • Thanks Christopher, I’m very happy that you found my article interesting πŸ™‚

      You are so right about not switching off when working in the same room that you chill out in. This is one more reason to create a separate space for your business and keep it organized.

      Thanks a lot Christopher, keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  3. Hi Nick,
    You have cover nearly all aspects for a successful online business, that are very true and i think patient is a most important in it. What you think?

    • I think you’re right Alok. On-line business, as all businesses, don’t have a magic button, that you click on and suddenly cash starting to flow πŸ™‚
      However patience, without good work is probably useless.

      Thanks for your comment.

      • Christopher (admin team)

        I like that “However patience, without good work is probably useless.” – totally true… well actually: patience without good work is definitely useless!

  4. Eliza D. Arbogast

    Hi Nick,

    These are great tips indeed! My biggest problem is keeping my place organized lol! Well I’m not that organized type of person (in terms with things) But thank God for my husband he organized things for me lol. Thanks for this tips.

    • Christopher (admin team)

      It can always help when someone around you is organised, as if you are disorganised, it could rub off on you πŸ™‚

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