5 tips to help you recruit the right people online

Using the internet to recruit new employees for business has become the norm in a very short space of time. For people working in creative industries the internet is an indispensable tool and subsequently online recruitment appears a natural step in order to reach out to target markets.

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The internet has quickly become essential at recruiting the right people for your business.

Recruiting on the internet gives companies and candidates alike a great opportunity to secure the ideal employees and find themselves an exciting new job. Here are five tips to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) access and recruit top talent for their organisations.

Use social networking sites such as LinkedIn

Career-focused networking sites such as LinkedIn are a goldmine of information for growing small businesses. It is a great way of viewing profiles of successful employees and entrepreneurs and engaging in discussion regarding their availability and/or interest in your vacant roles.

Many candidates choose to make their LinkedIn profile public, meaning they are indexed by search engines and can therefore be found in Google when searching for a particular type of candidate.

Extend your recruitment reach via job boards and online agencies

Don’t be afraid to submit your vacant positions across a number of online recruitment agencies and job boards. Instead of simply placing an advertisement in a magazine or newspaper, extend your reach online with the potential of millions of views rather than thousands a month offline.

A vast percentage of employers use the internet daily, almost exclusively and the ability to have your vacant positions online within literally minutes improves the efficiency of your recruitment campaign.

Reduce cost-per-hire and retain flexibility

One of the biggest challenges facing HR managers is to reduce the cost-per-hire within their company whilst at the same time maintaining the quality of new talent. It is said that companies who use online recruitment technologies save up to 90% more than those who use traditional recruitment agencies and methods. Online recruitment enables recruiters to streamline recruitment campaigns, whilst promoting the company’s brand and values to a wider, more diverse talent pool.

Recruit using your own company website

Depending on how your company website is built you may be able to advertise careers and vacancies through your own content management system (CMS). Your company website should explicitly portray the vision and values of your company and is one of the most underrated ways to advertise for new talent. Remember, your own website is your time to shine to new recruits as well as new clients.

Use Facebook to develop your professional identity

Facebook is increasingly used as an online recruitment tool, with platforms and solutions for small businesses recruiting via Facebook. Workplace groups, advertisements and profiles can be created to generate discussion about your company as well as encourage applications for vacant roles.

Now is the time to embrace online recruitment and social networking both as a research tool and as a cost-effective way of connecting users and potential employees to add value to your business.

13 thoughts on “5 tips to help you recruit the right people online

  1. I agree with your point. My company has recruited several people from Linkedin. Facebook is still not so favorite among the recruiters but heard somewhere that some companies have started recruiting from Facebook as well. Social networking sites are acting as a great weapon to reduce unemployment. 🙂

  2. I can say that in my company we hire people only online and we have the samples of CVs online and people can fill in and send them us and we can consider them in fact. It is very conveniet for both parties and it doesn’t take long time for a human resource manager to look through all the received CVs and select the possible employees for interviews.

  3. The companies I have worked with for the past few years have made use of social networking sites like facebook for hiring people. They do not do the hiring there though. They posts job opportunities there and information regarding job affairs. They use it primarily for information dissemination. Years before I also worked as a recruiter for an online recruiting firm recruiting for companies like Wellington, Herbalife, HP, and nonprofits like Teach for America.

    • Christopher (admin team)

      Interesting stuff Reese…

      Thanks for adding your comments, welcome to the community 🙂
      Christopher – Admin Team

  4. We use our own website to promote new jobs openings and internships we have available and that seems to garner a modest response. Where we see most of our applications come from is with listings we post on a few popular classified advertising websites. The response rate is massive, and we receive hundreds of CVs/resumes for each position, and the quality of applicants is pretty good too!

  5. LinkedIn is the best place to find more talented people as it’s basic purpose is to create your professional profile and advertise it so that interested recruiters can contact you. Facebook is also considered essential to show your experience as almost everyone has Facebook Profile.

  6. I can see that LinkedIn is a place where we can have a complete career profile for a person. Facebook might work, but I think in this section LinkedIn works better. If a company is hiring based on project, place like O-desk can come in well. Lots of talents there and some demand for quite a good pay.

  7. I used a couple of bidding sites to hire coders for my blog a couple times. But I was rather disappointed by their performance. As your post suggests LinkedIn as an option, I also thought about it but then I got sold on the ‘security’ and ‘guarantee’ offered by that bidding site.

    Recently, I posted a job on my own blog and hired a coder for minor changes and found this option to be much more hassle-free and rewarding.

    Bottom-line: I endores your words “your own website is your time to shine to new recruits as well as new clients.”

    • Christopher (admin team)

      Interesting stuff Ali, thanks for your comment, welcome to the Technology Bloggers community 🙂
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    • Christopher (admin team)

      Linked in can be a very useful tool for both employees and employers.

      Thanks for the comment Joseph, welcome to the community 🙂
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  8. LinkedIn is probably the best place to recruit for potential candidates. Even large companies are using this platform to find people for hire in various fields. It’s become so much easier to find good talent these days compared to the days when there’s no social media.

  9. Interesting responses from all. I certainly agree that online recruitment makes an HR exec’s job that much easier as CVs and portfolios can be filtered online for the best candidates within minutes. Online ‘bidding’ sites may work well for freelancers but I agree with Joseph that, at present, LinkedIn is the best medium to source well-educated, professional full-time staff.

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