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I am an avid user of Spotify, and have been an avid user for almost two years now. Spotify was able to find music for me that iTunes and YouTube couldn’t find for me. But now Spotify is having a few changes. For example people who signed up for the free service in the past few months have been able to listen to 20 hours a month of music, this is being culled to just 10. And people like me who signed up when Spotify first joined the music market will only be able to listen to a single track 5 times a month.

Spotify's LogoThese changes don’t really appeal to me very well because I listen to some music 5 times a day, even 5 times in an hour! So these changes will have a detrimental effect on me. So what do I do? Do I put up with it and clog up my PC with gigabyte after gigabyte or music that I record from Spotify. Or do I sign up to a paying account (either £9.99 pm, or £4.99 pm)? I’m  not too sure to be honest, I’d rather not pay for it, but at the same time I’d rather not spend money on buying an external hard drive to put all of the songs onto. So I’m sort of stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Well why are Spotify making these changes? Well record labels and artists are complaining that Spotify is playing their music for free, even though their is advertising between songs occasionally. This unfortunately is sort of the truth, and so I don’t think Spotify are going to be making any u-turns in their decisions any time soon.

So you tell me what do you think is the best thing that I should do, should I upgrade and pay for it, or pay for a hard drive?

I hope also you like my first article too 🙂

EDITOR NOTE: May I just point out to all readers, that it may not be 100% legal to record off Spotify, depending on the track and the artist – note by Christopher

3 thoughts on “Spotify and its changes

  1. I too have used Spotify for a while now and was amazed at the quality of service and amount of freedom you received for no cost whatsoever, so to be perfectly honest I am not at all surprised that they have decided to implement these changes.

    While these changes will hit hard on the people that use spotify on a day-to-day basis, it will still remain a powerful tool for discovering music – and isn’t that what Spotify was intended for in the first place?

    In my opinion, £4.99 a month is a small price to pay for access UNLIMITED music and more than covers the cost of buying all the songs on itunes (and purchasing something to store them on!). Also, at the same time you are helping the very people that make the music – the artists! This will encourage them to create more music that is worth paying for and will enrich the entire industry.

    So, in response to your question, I believe paying for it is the way forward, and recording the songs illegally is frankly not an option.

    • Yep I sort of agree with you Matt, what I think Ill do is try it out for a few days if not buy the 4.99 version. And yes 4.99 is very little to pay when on itunes and spotify it costs 75p-£1 and over to buy and individual song.


  2. Hey bhattman,

    That is a tough choice indeed. No matter which direction you choose to go, I’m sure that Spotify will stay a paid service from now on, once a company makes that leap to no longer be free to all (think Napster), they will almost always stay that way.

    Personally, I think it would be better to see if there is an alternative service that is similar to Spotify and gives you access to the stuff you want to listen to, or in the end you might just have to pay the monthly bill if you don’t want to buy the hard drive….tough choice either way!


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