Using vehicle tracking to save your business money

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Vehicle tracking systems save companies money by giving managers tighter control over their assets and their employees. Adding remote asset management to a fleet of vehicles allows managers to closely track the movements of each company vehicle and the employees it contains, making sure everyone and everything is always on track.UK motorway night-times

Companies that eliminate the waste of idle working and idling vehicles save money on both fuel and labour costs.

The savings start during rush hour. When a vehicle tracker indicates that a vehicle isn’t moving, staff at the company’s base can go to work, locating an alternate route that can put the vehicle back in motion and back on the path toward meeting the day’s performance goals.

Without the GPS tracker, the driver might not be inclined to admit to the traffic slowdown, instead telling managers the call simply took longer than expected.

Getting the vehicle and the worker moving again saves both fuel and labour costs.

If workers at the company’s headquarters determine the traffic jam occurs regularly, they can avoid sending vehicles in that direction at that time of day. That means the company will never waste fuel or labour hours on that traffic hotspot again. The savings continue at break time.

Drivers who are entitled to a break while away from the office are not necessarily at liberty to use the company car to run private errands, and they likely will not be doing that any more if they know a vehicle tracking system is in place. The car stays where it should, which saves the fuel that the driver would have wasted.

After trackers have been in use for a while and employees have adjusted their habits, companies often notice a bump in productivity and sometimes even a reduction in labour costs.

As headquarters-based employees analyse GPS tracker data and identify inefficiencies, even the smallest lapses in routing or driving can be corrected, improving productivity and preventing fuel waste.

Soon, it is possible to imagine company productivity reaching an all-time high because of the savings of remote asset management.
Simply put, vehicle trackers improve labour costs by instilling in employees a sense that the company is serious about operating efficiently. They also allow for route planning that saves fuel as well as analysis of wasteful mistakes to assure they don’t happen again.

For these reasons and many others, GPS trackers make sense for companies that want to save money by exercising tighter control.

13 thoughts on “Using vehicle tracking to save your business money

    • Yes, but don’t you think the employees will feel that they are being spied on? This entire article does not address any of the social issues involved in a work environment, do you think they do this kind of stuff at Google?

      • Who would like to be spied on? My previous company was using GPS to track our where about and yes I didn’t like it. But if you put yourself in their position, then it’s not difficult to understand why this has to be done. They’re just trying to protect the company’s resources from being abused. If we are doing the right thing, then it’s actually not a big deal. If you cannot accept the fact that the company would be spying on you, just don’t accept the job. That’s my personal opinion 🙂

        • Tracking systems are good option for the owners of vehicles and trackers are used for a while and companies often notice a bump in productivity which is very effective and also helpful for reduce the labor costs.

  1. It would certainly stop people moonlighting and doing 2 jobs at once.

    I’m sure once employees understand how it works they would alter their behaviour. Also, just because you have it installed doesn’t mean that you stop them from running personal errands etc. You simply tell them that if they do then you know where they are.

  2. I know several companies who use such a system and they are fully satisfied with the results, although at first they had some disagreement with drivers who didn’t approve of the system, but they had to get used to it.

  3. For any business that utilizes vehicles, GPS maps and fleet tracking programs are great ways to increase efficiency and ensure a higher return on your investment. Companies need to do everything possible when it comes to increasing productivity and cutting expenses. For companies that utilize even a small number of vehicles, the use of fleet tracking devices and software will surely be of great benefit.

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      Interesting stuff John, good to see that we are writing about current stuff 🙂

      Thanks for your comment, welcome to the commenting community!
      Christopher – Admin Team

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