Live Loud Magazine iPad App Review

After all the women’s magazines that have been doing the rounds in the market, ‘Live Loud’ comes as a refreshing break for all the men looking for something dealing exclusively with them. Live Loud is a digital monthly publication that features practically everything that catches the fantasy of men on the planet earth! It answers a plethora of questions that all the guys have always wanted answers to, be it questions about relationships or the first things girls notice about boys, it is all in here.

The magazine deals not only with issues like relationships but also has a section devoted to technology and the latest gadgets and equipment! It will provide you with a detailed description of the latest gadgets as well as their use in your daily lives and how user-friendly they are. It will also make you aware of the size of hole that any of these funky-looking gadgets will burn in your pocket, and also if it is worth it or not. It’s like a review for men, by men.
Gadget area of Live Loud MagazineAlong with that, the magazine also has frequent write-ups on how one can acquire the perfect body, both through a dietary regime as well as work-outs. Some issues of the magazine will also have you looking at some of the most desirable places to go for a holiday. It also gives you the basic information required for a visit to a particular destination and gives you tips on how to go about it.

One of the drawbacks of this app, however, is that it can’t be made accessible to minors who have an impressionable mind. This app contains quite a bit of explicit and sexual content which should not be made accessible to young readers, especially those below 18 years of age.

Apart from that, this app is a light and enjoyable read, almost like a guru to all the men too shy to approach a girl or too meek to even speak to one. It addresses one of the major issues that single men are concerned with- how to pick up a girl with a smooth pick-up line. Each issue has about 70 pages on an average and every page promises to keep you as interested in it, as the previous one.

Live Loud Magazine will therefore cater to the needs of men not only across generations but across nationalities. Be it the geek, the cool stud or the average corporate worker, Live Loud caters to the needs of every man. Live Loud Magazine is compatible with Apple iPad and requires iOS 5.0 or later. The subscription of Live Loud costs $1.99 with the first subscription being only for $0.99. It is also available in over 11 languages.

MetaTrader 5 – Android App Review

Most people consider Forex trading as a new way to make some easy money. However, it is a high risk investment. Forex market is very volatile and highly speculative. A 3% change in the value of the currency will make you rich or break you. MetaTrader 5 is one of the popular Forex trading applications available across various platforms. As I had been using its iOS and PC counterparts, I gave a try to MetaTrader 5 for Android.

MetaTrader 5 allows users to connect to a broker, receive quotes, make deals, and check trading history all inside the app and works just like the PC version – only now users can trade on the go and be informed on how all of their trades are going. A good thing about this free app is, it allows users to do all kinds of things and make money and don’t charge anything for them to do it.

A screenshot of MetaTrader 5

It can tell when you are using a tablet rather than a phone and will adjust its size and charts to fit the needs of the device. Many apps on iOS do this thing seamlessly, but only a few on Android care to do. Everything is set up in a way that everyone can understand and make the best decisions on what they want to buy or sell.

A screenshot of MetaTrader 5 trading stats

Users can connect to their account or create a demo account to run the app. They can also connect multiple accounts to the application at once so that they can buy and sell on different accounts without the need to sign out and sign in to another. The charts are real time and interactive with a zoom and a scroll. Metatrader 5 comes with the 14 most popular indicators to let users keep a watch on markets. On the downside, this app cannot be moved to SD card, so it uses the device memory space. It also consumes a lot of battery life for real time updating.

MetaTrader 5 requires Android 2.2 or up. As I said, this application is also available for Windows PCs and iOS devices. MetaTrader 4 is another interesting option to mobile Forex trading. If time permits I will come up with the review for the same.

PDF Reader Pro App Review

PDF is the most common file format used to share and publish documents. That’s why people always look out for apps that can help them handle PDFs on the go.

PDF Reader Pro lets users download, edit and email PDFs right from their iOS devices. Although a little complicated at first, this tool really is indispensable if you need a reliable way to help you keep on top of your workload.

This app is optimized for use on the iPad but works just as well on the iPhone even if the buttons are a little small.  The file structure is well laid out, organized and easy to navigate. The search facility is fast and comprehensive – looking into all folders inside the app and not just the folder you are in at the time.

A screenshot of PDF Reader Pro for iPhone and iPad You are able to download single page, as well as full PDF documents, via the in-app browser. It has a scan facility that uses the iOS device’s camera to take pictures of text or pictures and convert them into PDFs. This scan mode is fast and the text is clear and crisp. It also has editing functions to change colors, sharpness, brightness etc. and is something that really adds to the usability of the app.

Once you have scanned or downloaded a PDF, you are able to use a freehand tool to highlight, annotate, mark or just add a personal touch. This is where the bigger screen of the iPad would really help as it can be tricky if you do on the small screen of the iPhone or iPod Touch.

PDF Reader Pro browser downloadThe zip function helps in condensing the size of file; therefore ensuring no extra space is used when saving the documents. Not just able to export, but the app can also import already taken photos from your Photo Albums. The private folder has the option of password protection to ensure security when you are carrying around sensitive information.

As I said PDF Reader Pro has a lot of features. However, the price of this app is slightly on the higher side set at USD 5.99. I think the developer should find a right strategy in terms of pricing to make this app even more successful.

All in all, PDF Reader Pro can help users one who needs quick, on the go, access to a reliable PDF reader, viewer and editor. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad and requires iOS 4.2 or later.