Information on the IBM certification exam

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This IBM certification exam is geared toward certifying professional report authors who will be working with data sources that are multidimensional and who will ensure the application of dimensional techniques on these professional reports. This IBM certification is meant for individuals who are newer to this type of position but who will still be able to be productive and to work effectively in the aforementioned capacities in a team setting.

IBM's logoThere is only one exam that must be successfully completed to earn this IBM certification, and that is the Test COG-645 – IBM Cognos 10 BI Multidimensional Author. The knowledge and skill sets that are necessary for successful completion of this exam include Windows experience, web functionality experience, and the ability to produce basic chart, crosstab, and list reports.

There are a total of 57 questions on this IBM exam, and the examination period is 60 minutes long. The areas that this exam will focus on cover many aspects of professional report authoring. They include drilling in reports, drill-through access, focus reports, calculations and dimensional functions, and dimensional data components. The subtopics that fall under these headings are plentiful and will clearly require a comprehensive study program.

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