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  1. Christopher Roberts
    Christopher Roberts at |

    Just a few items from a hardware shop… oh and don’t forget your electrical work, welding and a bit of plumbing!

    For a normal PC, it seems like a massive waste of time, as overheating isn’t usually an issue, unless it gets really dusty – in which case, clean it! I wont be converting, but saying that, I have to admit that this does look really cool! http://www.vonslatt.com/images/cc31-fill.jpg – want one!!!

    If we can master cooling, match that with miniaturization (which is happening) and we are soon going to have some pretty powerful, portable PC’s!

    That said, it probably wont be commercially viable for a while, maybe for those like Intel and Google, but not for me and you :-/

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  2. Shane
    Shane at |

    That is really interesting to read. It is a wonder how far this tech has come. It is great and many people don’t understand how important this is. The easier we can keep electronic cool, the better they will work and the longer they will last.

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    1. jonny hankins
      jonny hankins at |

      Yes and the less electricity we will use.

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