Stealing Wi-Fi

Hey, come here I have something to tell you, in private. Those thieving types who live next door might be stealing your Wi-Fi you know. Not only that but Google maps drive past with their super technology cars and use your Wi-Fi, take information from your computer and all sorts (apparently). And anyone could be getting in, once on the Wi-Fi they can get into your hard disk! Well come here and let me whisper something in your ear…Wallpaper, yes from France. Tres stylish.

Wallpaper that stops Wi-Fi from passing through. You can pay your own connection, and even if you live in a shared house nobody else can get it. Ha Ha student so called friends, you can steal my cheese from the fridge but the real important stuff is mine, all mine. And it doesn’t even block out your mobile phone or the TV signal, how about that for fantastic? And it comes in a lovely snowflake design, perfect for any look, from Abba revival to minimal chic.

Block in Wi-Fi

Signal blocking wallpaper

Take a look at this link here, it’s in French I know but an online translator will help for anyone who doesn’t understand.

CNN have got onto it too, so keep it a bit quiet otherwise everyone will get it, and you will end up walking for miles through the suburbs with your mobile phone looking for someone with open Wi-Fi overspill.

Wi-Fi Sharing on the Go With WiShare

Is your Wi-Fi not getting connected properly while roaming? What do you think about using your friend’s Wi-Fi while traveling long distances? Yes, here is an Android app developed to help you overcome this issue. This app named ‘WiShare‘, lets you and your friends share a Wi-Fi connection through smart devices. Let’s see how the app works.

What’s the app about?

WiShare app assists you in building up a Wi-Fi network with your friends and family. You can invite your friends, share the network and perform various activities like chatting and tagging photos. You can do this and much more, even when you are on the go, with a controlled usage of Wi-Fi.

WiShare app screenshot

How does the app work?

You have to create a home Wi-Fi account as soon as you install the app, to share the connection with your friends. Just click on the Share option and allow friends in your phone’s contact list to use your Wi-Fi. You need not disclose your password to anyone. You can also block people from using your Wi-Fi connection, if required. Using the Change Wi-Fi option you are allowed to create a new home Wi-Fi account. As WiShare secures your password and personal details, you need not worry about security issues.

Special features of the app:

WiShare has a clear map that shows your current position and the number of Wi-Fi connections available around you. At times when your Wi-Fi is not enabled due to some network issues (especially when you are traveling), the map shows you the locations in which Wi-Fi connections are available. This is of great use in helping you get connected again, as you can invite new people to share their connection with you. To assist you in carrying out this process, WiShare provides an option called ‘Take a Snapshot’, using which you can take a snapshot of the map. You can view the snapshots and reach a suitable destination to get the Wi-Fi connection.

WiShare has a descriptive tutorial that explains all the options in the app. The highlight of this Android app is that you can use it to create a network of around 500 people! I felt that the user interface of the app could have been improved. Apart from this, the app is a useful tool to share and create Wi-Fi networks, whenever required.

The app is free for 90 days and later you have to select a suitable subscription to continue using it. WiShare requires an Android version of 2.2 and above.

How to get the most from your fibre optic broadband

While fibre optic internet coverage continues to grow, internet prices are continuing to decrease, meaning it’s never been a better time to upgrade your internet. That being said, if you intend on shelling out on fibre optic, its best you consider how you can ensure you make the most of what you pay for.

Upgrade your wireless router

If your internet supplier has not already provided you with a new wireless router, you may find the need to upgrade to make the most of your new high speed internet. Older routers on the whole tend to be around 50% slower than newer models, meaning investment is paramount if you want to make the most of your fibre optic connection. There is a huge array of routers on the market, with many different features. It’s advised that you go for a dual band router if you have many devices on your network as it will ensure a better connection that is less prone to interference.

Use an Ethernet cable

If you’re after the highest internet and data transferral speeds, connecting via an Ethernet cable is by far your best option. Wireless data is transmitted at a snail pace when compared to a cabled connection, which now has speeds of up to one gigabit on some routers, so really cuts down on the benefit of fibre optic broadband. Though far from practical, having a wired connection will enable you to really make the most of your internet connection.

The end of an Ethernet cable

The end of a red Ethernet cable – the colour has no significance, red just makes for a more vibrant image!

If you own a desktop, setup your router nearby so you can always have a wired connection for your PC. If not consider hiding cables in the wall throughout your home so you can have high speed connectivity throughout your home. If done right, it can even make your home more attractive when it comes to selling it!

Set up a media server

Modern hard drives now have functions which enable them to be used and accessed over your network, meaning you don’t need it to be plugged directly into your computer for it to work. Not only is this highly practical, it also allows multiple users to access information at the same time, without the need of cables.

Splash out on modern technology

Many modern devices now have some form of use for wireless internet, so splashing out on the latest devices will mean you can really make the most of your fibre optic connection. Many consoles such as the Xbox 360 or the PlayStation 3 will allow users to stream content from the internet or computer onto the TV. With a high speed connection, you can have many devices operating at full pelt without feeling like your connection is being throttled.