MobiReader Pro Android App Review

Misplacing a valuable work document or losing the biz cards of important contacts is every businessman’s nightmare. Having to locate some paperwork just before a conference or hunting through scores of cards to find a particular phone number is indeed stressful. I recently found an Android app called MobiReader Pro that solves this problem.

If you are looking for a iPhone app for business card scanning, check out my review of WorldCard Mobile, it has loads of features and is a good tool.

What is the app about?

MobiReader Pro scans business cards and documents. The contact details from cards are sorted out and saved in the respective fields of your phone’s address book. Printouts of your projects, text from books, magazines or newspapers and any other paperwork can be scanned quickly and saved on your phone.

MobiReader Pro Android AppHow does it work?

The app works on OCR and transfers details from business cards and documents to your iPhone. It focuses on a card automatically, captures an image of it, recognises the details on the scanned card and saves them in the correct fields. There is a virtual card holder that sorts out cards according to contact or company names.

Scanned documents can be organised in folders, edited, converted to pdf, renamed, deleted, sent as MMS or through email and uploaded onto Google docs. This app can even recognise the structure of a document in addition to its ability to recognise text.

Special features

The app has an image correction function that improves the quality of scanned content. It is efficient in organizing your documents and has a separate indication for pdf files, making it easy to locate documents when you have many in your folder.

As MobiReader Pro can process text written in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian, you don’t have to worry about receiving cards with information in different languages. Details like the contact’s name, designation, the company’s name, phone number, postal address, email address etc., are sorted out by the app with a high level of accuracy and you don’t have to manually type in the info. You can use this app to translate your documents to as many as 54 languages.

I found the augmented reality function to be very useful getting info about a location by recognizing the details in the address field of a business card. The convenience of looking up word definitions in a dictionary, without having to type in words through the keypad, is another feature I found very helpful.

Low points

The only low point is that the OCR is not hundred percent perfect. I did encounter a few errors and one needs to have a keen eye to spot those. But as any OCR based app, I assume there are some kinds of readability problems attached to them is no surprise.

To conclude, MobiReader Pro is a smart and quick way to digitise your cards and documents and carry them around wherever you go. By efficiently managing your cards and documents, it takes the strain out of your work life. The app is available in the Android market for US $4.

EDITOR NOTE: This app no longer exists, so links to it have been removed – note by Christopher

12 thoughts on “MobiReader Pro Android App Review

  1. Don’t forget Evernote, it’s free and lets you take photos of notes and business cards which it can OCR the text out of. Of course, the OCR in that is not 100% either. I don’t know of any OCR software that can pull the text out of most of the images it scans. They all seem to have a high failure rate with complicated text.

    • Evernote is a classic. No arguments there.

      OCR still needs improvements and may be in the near future, we may see one thats error-free come up… 🙂

  2. The great app which is very useful for business people only. As for me I don’t think I need it so much as I don’t have so much contacts and I keep them all in my head.

  3. Biz cards are so small in size that the chances of loosing them is very high. So, this is a perfect application for creating a backup of those cards and getting the details when needed.

  4. It looks more or less like the WorldCard Mobile app. Basically it is an Android version instead of Apple’s one. Although I might not going to use it to the most, but I think business with lots of name cards to handle will.

    • Yes, its similar to WorldCard Mobile, but this one as you have rightly pointed works on the Android OS and scans documents too. Both are mainly targeted towards businesses and seem to do a pretty good job in that..

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