ReplyMe – a great WordPress plugin!

ReplyMe is a fantastic plugin, which I am very proud to announce that Technology Bloggers uses to notify users when their comment has a reply.

Why use ReplyMe over other subscribe to comment plugins?

Well with normal subscribe to comment plugins you get sent an email every time there is a new comment, even if it’s nothing to do with your comment. You also have to remember to tick the little box at the bottom of the comment box to say that you want to receive updates.

What is ReplyMe?

ReplyMe is a fantastic plugin which allows you to receive updates (without subscription) when your comment has been replied to. This means that you don’t need to sift through hundreds of irrelevant comments, you get your comment and the reply delivered directly to you by email – free of charge 🙂

In Technology Bloggers ReplyMe emails you get to see your comment and the reply to that, along with a link to the article, and the comment that replied to yours.

ReplyMe (Plugin) LogoIf the new comment needs no reply, you can read it in your email without even having to visit the blog. If you want to reply, just click the link and you are ready to continue the conversation!

A good blog has a community on-site and off. This can be through social media, but it can also be through using great plugins like ReplyMe to ‘continue the conversation’!

If you read Ari Herzog’s blog, Draggon Blogger, Christopher Roberts Philosophy Blog, Blogging Bookshelf or The Sales Lion, you will probably have seen ReplyMe in action before. Technology Bloggers has it’s own unique style of delivering the email, but the principle is the same 🙂

For details of how you can customise the plugin, check out Justin’s article on it.

If you want to see ReplyMe in action post a comment below, and I will gladly reply to show you.

If you are interested in using ReplyMe on your blog, check out it’s plugin page 🙂

38 thoughts on “ReplyMe – a great WordPress plugin!

  1. This plugin is extremely useful.
    First time i encountered it was on some random blog where i felt the need to place a comment. I had no intention of going back, i stated my opinion and that’s all. But then i got a mail with a reply. So i followed the link and left another comment. Closed the window just like first time, went back to work. Then i got another reply. By this time i was getting kind of tired of it, but i just couldn’t help myself, i had to click the link and leave another comment!
    So i don’t know if i’m the problem here, or if everyone reacts the same, but the plugin is in my top 10 wordpress plugins right now.

    • Christopher (admin team)

      I love it personally, but there are one or two people unlike us Maria. A few people I have met online have actually said they dislike the plugin! Apparently, you may not want to be notified, but in my mind if you leave a comment, and someone spends time replying to you, their reply deserves to be read and acknowledged. This sort of means that it also helps repliers too, as they know their comment is being read!

      Thanks for the comment 🙂
      Christopher – Admin Team

    • Christopher (admin team)

      …or any user for that matter! I think in their latest version, users are also notified, so if you reply to this comment, I will be notified…

      Not 100% sure on that, but I remember something like that happening!

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping us a comment Justin 🙂
      Christopher – Admin Team

    • Christopher (admin team)

      Indeed it is Jason, hence the title of this article ReplyMe – a great WordPress plugin!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment Jason 🙂
      Christopher – Admin Team

    • Christopher (admin team)

      I have visited your blog before Radithya and I think I have seen it in action there 🙂

      It’s amazing to think how this plugin that has only been around for a short amount of time has gone so global via the medium of the web!

      Thanks for taking the time to add a comment 🙂
      Christopher – Admin Team

  2. I have seen such plug in but frankly speaking I didn’t pay attention to it. Now I see that it was not correct – the plug in is really good and worth having as sometimes too many comments are a real problem if you want to get the answer to your comment.

    • Christopher (admin team)

      If you don’t have a plugin like this, it can almost kill your community, as people don’t reply as they don’t see their replies!

      + their mailbox gets filled with loads of other comments!

  3. Hi,

    Indeed – replyme seems to be a great WordPress plugin, I’ve seen a lot of great WordPress plugins that came out recently but by far this one of the most interesting of all in my opinion. Thanks for sharing, I think I am going to use it on my blogs, looks great!

    • Christopher (admin team)

      Great to here James, I look forward to the continuation of the ReplyMe plugin spreading around the web 🙂

      Thanks for having a read of our blog James, it’s always great to see a new face 🙂
      Christopher – Admin Team

  4. replyme is awsome. I have recently closed my blog but I am thinking of starting a new one. Replyme will be on the first plugins I add.

    • Christopher (admin team)

      Give it a go, it works a treat over here!

      Although I guess you are probably reading this in the ReplyMe email, so you know that now 🙂

      Thanks for your contribution, welcome to the community!
      Christopher – Admin Team

    • Christopher (admin team)

      Very true Eddy it does. I spend so long on this blog just reading peoples comments, and then if needs be replying, it would be rather disheartening if we didn’t use ReplyMe, as fewer people would (probably) see my replies.

      Great to see someone new in the community, welcome 🙂
      Christopher – Admin Team

  5. Definitely a good find for me but I wanted to know if it has the option to email when a new comment is made instead of the reply only?

  6. I have been suing subscribe to comment plugins and frankly I dont really like that it sends out emails every time there is a new comment even if it doesn’t have anything with your own comment. I think its a turn off for many people.

    Thanks for the heads up about reply me, I think I’ll give it a try.

    • Christopher (admin team)

      I know what you are saying, it is all very well having loads of comments, but if people can’t find replies to their comment, you are killing your community!

      Thanks for the comment, welcome to the blog 🙂
      Christopher – Admin Team

  7. Thanks Chris for posting this tip about ReplyMe. A handy idea to see both the comment and the reply via email. I’m about to launch a blog as part of my site and I’ll give this one a go.

    • Christopher (admin team)

      Good luck with your blog Don, ReplyMe really is a fantastic plugin, it helps to keep the conversation going!

      Thanks for taking the time to add a comment, welcome to the blog 🙂
      Christopher – Admin Team

      • Yes Chris, I see what you mean. It sent me and email with the thread. Very cool.

        If you are looking for a better way to find more plugins, you might want to check out my website. 🙂 It is a search engine for finding plugins, but nothing can replace good person to person recommendations.

        • Christopher (admin team)

          I usually do check out our commenters websites, and I have checked yours our Don, it could be very useful, so thanks for the heads up 🙂

          For the record it is Christopher, not Chris.

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