Bluetooth Gloves

bluetooth gloves

Life in the Netherlands involves biking. Biking involves getting cold hands in the winter. Getting cold hands in the winter means difficulty operating your mobile phone.

It is typical, you are riding down the cycle-path, it is raining, your hands are cold, you might be wearing gloves. The phone rings. You stumble to the side of the path, take your gloves off if you are wearing them because otherwise you can’t get into the pockets of your jeans, through the waterproof trousers and take out your phone. By this time at the last second the person decides that you are not going to answer and bang… missed call with a withheld number. What was it? You will never know.

And your hands are now even colder, the touch screen does not register and in a nervous moment you drop the phone trying to put it back into your pocket with wet hands. You get off the bike, put the stand down, go to retrieve your phone (the back has come off so you have to reset various things) and the bike falls over because of the weight in the panniers.

This every-day occurrence could become a thing of the past though, thanks to a fine invention. Bluetooth gloves. Yes ladies and gentlemen, gloves that use bluetooth to operate your phone. You just press the answer button on the glove, make the phone with your fingers as you do when you are pretending to make a call or playing with the kids, and speak. The sound comes out of the thumb, and the pinky has a microphone.

Available in black or grey, mens or women’s sizes, but unfortunately only with the phone fitted in the left hand, the gloves can even be worn while operating a touchscreen. They are dry cleanable and charge with a USB.

I know what is going on my list for Santa.

3 thoughts on “Bluetooth Gloves

  1. Christopher Roberts

    These are a very cool bit of tech. I have heard about these before, but after a quick search, I was surprised to find how cheap they are now. The £50 Firebox are selling them for isn’t really that high, considering what they are, but I have managed to find a (ladies) pair for just £12! I might purchase a pair as a Christmas present for someone…

  2. Wow, this is kind of a cool gadget. But I am just curious if this is also available in some other countries like in the Philippines, or in India? One more thing, is this available in android and apple? As I see in the illustration photo, the woman uses apple phone… is this available for android?

    • Christopher Roberts

      Hi Jon, I believe that because they work via Bluetooth, you can use them with any phone which has Bluetooth.

      I am sure there must be some way to get a pair from the Internet, although the delivery costs might be high!

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