Wi-Fi Sharing on the Go With WiShare

Is your Wi-Fi not getting connected properly while roaming? What do you think about using your friend’s Wi-Fi while traveling long distances? Yes, here is an Android app developed to help you overcome this issue. This app named ‘WiShare‘, lets you and your friends share a Wi-Fi connection through smart devices. Let’s see how the app works.

What’s the app about?

WiShare app assists you in building up a Wi-Fi network with your friends and family. You can invite your friends, share the network and perform various activities like chatting and tagging photos. You can do this and much more, even when you are on the go, with a controlled usage of Wi-Fi.

WiShare app screenshot

How does the app work?

You have to create a home Wi-Fi account as soon as you install the app, to share the connection with your friends. Just click on the Share option and allow friends in your phone’s contact list to use your Wi-Fi. You need not disclose your password to anyone. You can also block people from using your Wi-Fi connection, if required. Using the Change Wi-Fi option you are allowed to create a new home Wi-Fi account. As WiShare secures your password and personal details, you need not worry about security issues.

Special features of the app:

WiShare has a clear map that shows your current position and the number of Wi-Fi connections available around you. At times when your Wi-Fi is not enabled due to some network issues (especially when you are traveling), the map shows you the locations in which Wi-Fi connections are available. This is of great use in helping you get connected again, as you can invite new people to share their connection with you. To assist you in carrying out this process, WiShare provides an option called ‘Take a Snapshot’, using which you can take a snapshot of the map. You can view the snapshots and reach a suitable destination to get the Wi-Fi connection.

WiShare has a descriptive tutorial that explains all the options in the app. The highlight of this Android app is that you can use it to create a network of around 500 people! I felt that the user interface of the app could have been improved. Apart from this, the app is a useful tool to share and create Wi-Fi networks, whenever required.

The app is free for 90 days and later you have to select a suitable subscription to continue using it. WiShare requires an Android version of 2.2 and above.

Buddycon Plus! Android App Review

Its been some time since I have written an app review, and this time its for the Android fan boys. In this post, I review a simple background and avatar customization app called BuddyCon Plus! Available to download from Google Play for free.

If you are on the lookout for an app to customize your Android mobile handset with avatars, wallpapers etc. there are plethora of them available on Google Play to help you do so. But if you are looking for customization as well as an entertaining live avatars & wallpapers, then try Buddycon Plus. Its free and its fun!

Buddycon Plus! Android app screen

Buddycon Plus is an Android app that allows you to personalize your contacts as adorable and fun avatars. You can either choose your contacts’ faces to create avatars or use the template gallery which contains predefined sets like those of super heroes and more. The BuddyCon settings options allows you to create your contact’s avatar and acts basically like the control panel. Images of your friends can be accessed from the device’s gallery and synced with the app. There is a built-in paint brush which allows you to tweak your images. Once you are satisfied with your work of art, you can activate the wall paper. Your avatars will walk around on your Android device’s screen.

Along with adding your art to the images, BuddyCon also allows you to dress them up, create varieties of call-screen backgrounds and make your avatars interact on the home screen. There are options available to make your communication easy too. When you tap on any of the avatars, options like Email, Speed dial, Gtalk, Play a Game appear on the screen in a single touch. These options act as a single point of contact available with all communication modes to interact with your buddies.

To sum it up, Buddycon Plus! offers you an exciting process of personalization. It guarantees an amazing experience and a whole lot of fun which you can share with your friends.

Buddycon Plus! is available for free to download in Google Play and requires an Android version of 2.2 and above.

Movie Awards Trivia iPhone App Review

The Movie Awards Trivia app for the iPhone is a must if you are an Oscars fan. Why? To test out your Academy Awards knowledge, that’s why. The app has almost 1000 questions on the Oscars and I bet you are going to have a blast having a play with this app.

The app has a special offer going on right now, so if you have your iTunes budget available for this month, spare 99 cents and get this app. You won’t regret it. This limited time price drop from $2.99 to 99 cents is on until the 26th of this month and has been done in celebration of the 84th Academy Awards.

movie awards trivia iphone app

Along with 1000 questions to put your mind to test, the app comes with 4000 high quality graphics of your favorite movie stars. To add to that, there are 100 slide shows of Actors, Actresses and Movies from various era.

Each quiz has 20 questions and an option to share them via Facebook or email. There is a count down timer and scores are based on how many right answers you get as most of them are multiple choice questions. There are also filters available for the quizzes to narrow down to your favorite section and this seems like a handy little feature.

There is also a free update promised each academy awards season, so we have to wait until this year’s awards are over to test them out as the app is relatively new, having been launched last December.

Its hard to come up with negatives in a trivia app like this one, that comes with all the necessary items but as with most of them you get jaded after a while. Though this app comes with the great extras like images & slide-shows having almost all multiple choice questions somewhat restricts the fun. I can’t figure out what, but there seems to be some interactive element missing out.

My final verdict, if you are a movies fan, you’ll like this app. If you are an Oscars fan, you’ll like this app or if you are looking for something new to try out, give this one a try.

You can download the Movie Awards Trvia app from the iTunes App Store.