Responsible Algorithm Use: The Dutch National and Amsterdam City Algorithm Registers

Artificial intelligence systems rely on algorithms to instruct them on how to analyze data, perform tasks, predict patterns, evaluate trends, calculate accuracy, optimize processes and make decisions. The Dutch government wants its own governmental departments to use algorithms responsibly. People must be able to trust that algorithms comply with society’s values and norms. And there must be an explanation of how algorithms work.

The government does this by checking algorithms before use for how they work and for possible discrimination and arbitrariness, in the belief that when they is open about algorithms and their application, citizens, organizations and media can follow and check whether they (and their use) follows the law and the rules.

According to the government, the following processes, among others, contribute to responsible algorithm use:

  1. The Algorithm Register helps to make algorithms findable, to explain them better and to make their application and results understandable.
  2. The Algorithm Supervisor (the Dutch Data Protection Authority) coordinates the control of algorithms: do the government’s algorithms comply with all the rules that apply to them? Learn more about the regulator .
  3. The Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations is working on the ‘Use of Algorithms’ Implementation Framework . This makes it clear to governments what requirements apply to algorithms and how they can ensure that their algorithms can meet those requirements.
  4. Legislation: there will be a legal framework for the transparency of algorithms. This was announced in the letter to parliament dated December 2022 .

Find out more at The Algorithm Register of the Dutch government.

The City of Amsterdam also has an AI Algorithm Register 

The Algorithm Register is a window into an overview of artificial intelligence systems and algorithms used by the City of Amsterdam. Through the register, anyone can get acquainted with the quick overviews of the city’s algorithmic systems or examine their more detailed information based on their interests. Individuals can also give feedback and thus participate in building human-centered AI in Amsterdam. At this moment the register is still under development and does not yet contain all the algorithms that the City of Amsterdam uses.

Find out more at Algorithmic systems of Amsterdam.

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