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  1. Neil@Sydney Web Design

    Hi Christopher, I’ve used VPN’s for business purposes for quite a few years however these days it seems that a big market for them is people who want to access o/s TV station websites without being in the same country.

    VPN’s are a great business concept however most personal use seems to be to get around some sort of regulation or control.

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  2. Phil Gale
    Phil Gale at |

    VPN’s are a godsend for work environments. And with a bit of knowledge, multiple VPN’s across long distances can all be connected in a single, larger VPN. It’s very flexible.

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    1. Christopher (admin team)
      Christopher (admin team) at |

      They can be a very useful tool, especially for businesses!

      Thanks for the comment Phil, welcome to Technology Bloggers :-)
      Christopher – Admin Team

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