Join The Technology Bloggers Team

Technology Bloggers aim is to provide our readers with current content that is interesting, thought proving and relevant.

We have three main types of writer: guest bloggers, authors and editors.

Guest Bloggers

Guest bloggers are professionals or academics who are respected in their field, that choose to contribute to Technology Bloggers on a one-off basis. Guest bloggers may post more than one article, however they are not regular writers.

Guest bloggers are credible individuals who already have a reputation before they write for Technology Bloggers.


Authors write a regular feature for the blog. An individual must post a minimum of 10 articles each year to be classed as an author.

Authors do not need to have the same reputation as guest bloggers before joining the writing team, as this can be built overtime. It is however expected that they produce content of same standard as guest bloggers and editors.


Editors take a very active role in the blog. Editors post at least three articles each month and will usually also be responsible for other activities, such as comment moderation and helping other writers.

Who Are We Looking For?

If you are already an established author or academic we are interested in collaborating with you. For more information please see our guest blogger application page.

If you are a fledgling author, or a complete novice to blogging and would like to establish yourself as a credible blogger, we would like to encourage you to apply to become an author. If you will invest time to develop your skills and write great posts, we will invest our time in you, to help you progress.

Established authors who are looking to make regular contributions to the site should consider applying for editor status. Whilst you may not immediately become an editor, if we feel you are suitable for the role, we will do our very best to help you succeed.