Stealing Wi-Fi

Hey, come here I have something to tell you, in private. Those thieving types who live next door might be stealing your Wi-Fi you know. Not only that but Google maps drive past with their super technology cars and use your Wi-Fi, take information from your computer and all sorts (apparently). And anyone could be getting in, once on the Wi-Fi they can get into your hard disk! Well come here and let me whisper something in your ear…Wallpaper, yes from France. Tres stylish.

Wallpaper that stops Wi-Fi from passing through. You can pay your own connection, and even if you live in a shared house nobody else can get it. Ha Ha student so called friends, you can steal my cheese from the fridge but the real important stuff is mine, all mine. And it doesn’t even block out your mobile phone or the TV signal, how about that for fantastic? And it comes in a lovely snowflake design, perfect for any look, from Abba revival to minimal chic.

Block in Wi-Fi

Signal blocking wallpaper

Take a look at this link here, it’s in French I know but an online translator will help for anyone who doesn’t understand.

CNN have got onto it too, so keep it a bit quiet otherwise everyone will get it, and you will end up walking for miles through the suburbs with your mobile phone looking for someone with open Wi-Fi overspill.