Web Apps for Teslas

Welcome to the new Web Apps for Tesla!

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1. Press the Go Full Screen button
2. Click GO TO SITE
3. Choose what you want to stream, or search for it :-)

This works for any Tesla with the web browser and the YouTube app


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The full screen button doesn't work

Make sure you're in P (Park) as otherwise Tesla disable steaming services for safety.

iPlayer thinks I'm abroad

For services like iPlayer that only steam to the UK, make sure you're connected to WiFi - as Tesla's premium connectivity (LTE) doesn't use a UK mobile operator.
A WiFi hotspot (tethering) from your phone works too :-)

Can I use it while driving?

As mentioned above, Tesla disable full screen mode while driving for safety.
If connected to the internet, the browser still works though, so you can use the web apps to listen to music or podcasts while driving.
You may need to disconnect your phones Bluetooth, as this can override the audio when not in full screen mode.
Please use the apps safely.

An app tells me the browser isn't supported

The web apps use the Tesla browser - Chromium. From time to time, websites will stop supporting the current version of the Tesla browser.
This is usually fixed when Tesla updates the browser.
For example, in the past there have been issues with Amazon Prime Video and ITV Player.

Which cars does this work for?

The web-apps work on any Tesla with MCU2 (media control unit) or above. If your car has the internet browser and YouTube, it'll work!
So it works for all Model 3s and Model Ys, and many existing Model Ss and Xs too.
S, 3, X, Y

Is my data secure?

Once you click onto an app/tile you're taken directly to the official website. If you enter a username and password, you're entering it on the official website, so yes, it is secure.
The web apps work by taking you to the page in the inbuilt YouTube browser - which is full screen.
If you'd prefer, you can log-in to your account on the streaming website in the web browser, then ask it to remember you. When you click the app/tile you'll be taken to the site and will already be logged in.

A service I've searched for doesn't work

Check it's a HTML 5 supported streaming service. Some services sadly don't support this.

A page isn't displaying correctly

Try a scroll wheel reset. Holding both scroll wheels for 10 seconds clears the cache and may solve any display issues.

Something else?

Email your questions and suggestions to tesla (at) technologybloggers.org

What Tesla Web Apps Are There?

Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Virgin Media, Disney+
BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, 4OD, My5
BritBox, AppleTV, YouTube, Rakuten TV
STV, ESPN, Plex, BT Sport

SoundCloud, AppleMusic, BBC Sounds, Amazon Music
Stitcher, Audible

Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook
Technology Bloggers, Tesla Account, Ecosia, Office 365
SkyNews, GB News, BBC News, BBC Sport
Twitch, Runescape, TeslaFi

Zap-Map, Supercharge.info, Electric Highway - Gridserve

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