Will iCloud Revolutionize Cloud Computing?

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Cloud computing, although only recently becoming more mainstream, has been around for quite awhile and has already done much to revolutionize the way the business world works. The virtual desktop has long been employing Google Docs, which runs on cloud computing, to help with its day-to-day functions, and many employees have been able to enjoy working from home because of the cloud. So why are so many getting worked up over the release of Apple’s iCloud? It’s mainly in the marketing.

As stated before, cloud computing has been around for awhile. Apple has simple brought it into the foreground. What does, however, make iCloud different from other cloud computing services is that it is coming already integrated into Apple’s new operating systems, iOS5 and Mac OS X Lion, which is a pretty cool feature.

The iCloud LogoThe program will immediately sync all of your files to all of your Apple devices allowing you to easily access your iTunes, photos, and other documents from anywhere on whichever Apple device you happen to be carrying at that moment. Although being able to have all your files synced together for free is nice, perhaps the biggest perk of iCloud, is the iTunes feature.

You can upload of your iTunes, and even your zipped files, into your iCloud. Users are then able to swap music and download hundreds of other new tunes. While this seems like an way around pirating music, Apple assures that what iCloud is doing with iTunes is legitimate, and it even cut the music industry a $1 million check to prove so.

What also makes iCloud so attractive is that you can sync everything together for free. The only exception is iTunes which is currently coming with a $25 annual fee when used with iCloud. Not to bad when you consider that you will now have access to hundreds of other iTunes files without having to necessarily pay the higher prices normally associated with individual iTunes songs.

For many, the introduction of iCloud is incredibly exciting simply on a music aspect. However, it will most likely not revolutionize could computing, and will most likely just drive Google to produce something bigger and better. For avid Android users, the iCloud is even more exciting. Google was one of the first to release cloud technologies, and now with Apple ahead of them, the company will be sure to unveil a great product similar to the iCloud with features that iCloud currently lacks.