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  1. Neil@Sydney Website Design

    Hi Jonny,

    I think smart guns must be a step in the right direction be it just a small step. Maybe the gun itself needs a sensor to determine whether it can shoot a specific target. ie, the gun won’t work on a smaller body mass (could be some issues with rogue chimps).

    I wonder if the number of suicide attempts are the same regardless of the availability of guns.


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    1. jonny hankins
      jonny hankins at |

      So, there are about 750 000 attempted suicides a year. Women make many more attempts than men, about 3 for every 1 male attempt, but men tend to use guns so are much more successful. So out of about 30 000 deaths 25 000 are men, and about 80% are white and use a gun. So this makes the question difficult to answer, because the effectiveness of the weapon creates the differences in the statistics, so more guns lead to more successful attempts if the numbers of attempts are the same.

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  2. Christopher Roberts
    Christopher Roberts at |

    Isomorphic weaponry, now that’s interesting!

    Half a second isn’t bad…

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