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  1. Neil
    Neil at |

    About a year ago I had to pull my 7 year old back as a car drove straight through a red traffic light as we were crossing at a pedestrian crossing. The driver was talking on the phone and was oblivious to everything around her.

    I have enough trouble multi tasking anyway so I don’t even try talking on hands free. The majority of people don’t drive drunk so why do they think it is fine to use a phone while driving.

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    1. jonny hankins
      jonny hankins at |

      I just followed someone home who was texting while riding a motorbike! Very dangerous, what if she had dropped it?

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  2. Christopher Roberts
    Christopher Roberts at |

    It is obvious that anything that is a distraction causes a slight dip in focus and therefore is dangerous, however I feel competent drivers should be allowed to listen to the radio, call hands free etc. The problem is how do you know who is a reasonable good driver?

    I tried a hands-free call for the first time the other day, and whilst I would agree it must have taken some of my attention, I found that to compensate I seemed to drive slower.

    Your article was quite timely, as a week or so ago the BBC reported that using a mobile at the wheel doesn’t affect accident rates. Research always conflicts though.

    On a final note…
    There have are around 1,750 road traffic deaths in the UK each year.
    Around 10,000 people die in the UK each year from alcohol related issues every year.
    Yet there are only around 250 people who die each year from drink driving? Does that not mean it’s safer to drink and to drive than to do either alone? ;-)

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    1. Neil@Responsive Website Designer

      People slowing down while they talk on the phone can be really annoying as well. Some people slow down to around 10 miles per hour while they take a call.

      Did you see the recent video of a Russian guy who smashes the mobile phone of a woman who ran into him?

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      1. Christopher Roberts
        Christopher Roberts at |

        That is true Neil…

        I haven’t seen that video – do you have a link?

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  3. Kenneth@Enviro Equipment, Inc.

    The sciencenews.org report is very disturbing as I do a lot of my work on the phone while driving. Because my work requires, I travel on the road a lot back and forth to work sites, I find I get far more done using a hands-free Bluetooth then when I get back to the office simply because there are so fewer distractions in my car.

    What worries me is that I’m not alone when I say that getting work done over the phone while driving is not something I have any intention of giving up. However, at least now I am aware that I am putting myself and other drivers at risk while I do so.

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  4. Matt
    Matt at |

    So many people still get away with driving while on the phone so I think banning hands free will be something that would be nearly impossible even if it would cut down on the number of accidents. Although it would be interesting to see the comparison between accidents with hands free kits to passengers as in essence it would still be a conversion being held between 2 people.

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    1. Christopher Roberts
      Christopher Roberts at |

      Hi Matt,

      Thanks for the comment. I understand your point, however when a law is brought into force, whilst there will always be those who choose to ignore laws for whatever reason, I believe the majority of people would obey it.

      Any distraction can hinder a drivers concentration, but how far do we go? Like Jonny debates, should we also ban radios? How about those dangly air fresheners, they could be a distraction – as can window wipers.

      Thanks for adding your view, welcome to the blog :-)
      Christopher – Admin Team

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