YouTube’s most watched UK videos of 2011

In the run up to Christmas, I thought we were due a fun, quirky post, so this post is about the most watched videos 2011 on YouTube in the United Kingdom 🙂

YouTube's LogoIn 10th place is a video called Diary of a bad man 5. With 16,026 likes and just 839 dislikes many people seem to like the humour that HumzaProductions (the videos makers) created. It’s an odd one, you either like it or you hate it, why not watch it and find out?

Masterchef Synesthesia by YouTuber Swede Mason is the 9th most watched video on YouTube of 2011. It is a funny (and rather weird) song that has been made out of clips from the TV show MasterChef. It’s very well put together, so I have included it below for your enjoyment 🙂

The video of Michael Collings audition for Britain’s Got Talent is 8th on the list. This is the story of an IT engineer who works in a computer shop in Plymouth, and decided to enter the show Britain’s Got Talent. Most people prejudged him, including the judges, however he turned out to be a really good singer. 76,212 likes vs 920 dislikes really does show how popular this video is!

asdfmovie4 by TomSka is in 7th place. Depending upon your type of humour will depend as to whether you find it funny or not, but considering it has over 14,000,000 views, I am guessing that most people do find it little humorous, although rather… weird at the same time – maybe not one to watch with young children.

6th place goes to the very funny T-Mobile publicity video called The T-Mobile Royal Wedding. The video, at first, looks like it was made by someone with a camera, at the actual Royal Wedding, however it soon becomes apparent that it is a really funny spoof! I just had to include this one 🙂

In 5th place is a very controversial video. The video is a dubbed version of Rebecca Black’s Friday song called Rebecca Black “Friday” (Brock’s Dub). Some people find it amusing, whilst others say that the strong language isn’t justified, and that the ending is a bit harsh. Out of the 447,893 ratings, just 14,295 people dislike it, so it would seem that overall the public really like the video.

4th place goes to Charlie Sheen’s song: Winning. A bit like the MasterChef video, it’s a song made up of loads of different clips. Again, most people would find it funny, however the video does have 5,957 dislikes which may suggest otherwise, that said, it does have 276,113 likes.

I am not quite sure how, but in 3rd place is a video called Nyan Cat [original]. Only around 5% of ratings don’t like the video, but I just don’t get it! Watch it for yourself and see if you can explain its popularity.

In 2nd place is a video of two babies, seemingly holding an entire conversation in baby! The video is called Talking Twin Babies – PART 2 – OFFICIAL VIDEO and is posted by jayrandall22011. It is cute, and slightly amusing, but I think it could be much better were it to be dubbed, with funny captions, like many of the other videos in the top ten are 🙂

Finally, the winner of the most watched video on YouTube 2011 is the Ultimate Dog Tease! The video is very funny and is basically a video of a normal dog, which has been dubbed to make it look like it is talking. The maker, Talking Animals (AKA klaatu42) has made loads of other similar videos, like ones with a beaver on the road, a cat playing I Spy and many other funny ones. Non however are quite as popular at the Ultimate Dog Tease. For your enjoyment, here is the video.

From all the above videos, it would seem that if you want to become a YouTube phenomenon, you need to be funny! All of the above videos aim to be funny, with the exception of Michael Collings audition for Britain’s Got Talent.

What’s your favourite video?

The Kymera Magic Wand – Review

I recently purchased a Kymera Magic Wand. You may be wondering what on earth that is! Basically it is a universal remote control – with a twist.

With a normal universal remote control you just press a button and the channel changed, or you mess with the volume. However with the Kymera Magic Wand you do a magical movement in order to get your device to respond.

A Kymera Magic Wand

My Kymera Magic Wand

It’s one of those things that when you see it you either think to yourself ‘I must have that!’ or ‘what’s the fuss all about?’ I was the former of those two. So after seeing the wand on the show Dragons Den, I rushed out to buy one.

This video of them on Dragons Den really does show off the capabilities of the wand! From about 51 seconds to 1.09 seconds really shows of the wand, the rest is just for interest 🙂

The wand can be used to control almost anything from your simple TV and HiFi to more complicated things like remote controlled garage doors and even remote control lights!

The remote works by learning your existing controls infrared codes, but you do have to program these in for yourself.

Using the wand is a great deal of fun, especially the first time you use it. You can remotely control your TV with a swoosh of your Kymera Magic Wand. If you are a really big fantasy fan, I am sure that you would love this gift, as would those people who love the latest and coolest gadgets – like me 😉

Is The Wand Easy To Use?

The wand can be a little difficult to use at first, however after a bit of practise you get used to it. The Wand Company say

“This wand it not a toy, it is a finely tuned instrument of control.”

showing that if you are looking for some quick fun, this may not be the thing for you, as it can take a while to get used to.

The main problem that I have found with the wand is that it is sometimes too sensitive. Sometimes I will pick it up, change the channel and then place it down again, only for it to bring the guide up onto the screen, as I have placed it down slightly firmer than I should have. This can start to get annoying after time. That and the fact that it doesn’t always respond how you want it to is why I haven’t used it all that much recently.

The Wand Company do provide a useful tutorial on their YouTube channel, however it isn’t really able to help you stop the wands more annoying traits.

Does It Really Feel Magical?

The wand really does look the part, and is a great gadget to show off to all your friends when they come round. It looks like a real magic wand, and is also packaged like one. It also comes with instructions as to how to use your wand, which are printed in such a way to make them look like a scroll.

Scroll like instructions for the Kymera Magic Wand

The Kymera Magic Wand’s scroll like instructions

The design of the wand and the presentation really is fantastic. The packaging really helps make the wand look the part 🙂

The Kymera Magic Wand's Packaging

The wand really does look the part with its fantastic packaging!

Is The Wand Value For Money?

Well the wand currently retails at just under £50 (around $80) which is pretty pricey, but when you consider the technology inside, also reasonable at the same time. The question is, is it worth it?

My honest answer, no. If they were £20, sure, run out and buy one, however for the price that they are, and the amount you would use it, it really isn’t worth the money. You get a novelty factor when you first use it, and when you introduce someone to it who has never seen it before, however it never really becomes an every day item that you use on a regular basis. If you are a big wizard fan and a techie, you will probably enjoy (and use) it more, but is it worth £50? Make your own judgement.

For more information on the wand, please visit The Wand Company’s website, and YouTube channel.

How to start a career in social media

Social media has turned into a multi-billion dollar industry and opportunities to build a career around it are becoming increasingly common.

If you’re looking to start a career in the competitive world of social media and digital marketing, setting up a blog is a great place to start.

A blog not only allows you to express your personality and offer your opinions, but also gives future employers an insight into your knowledge, skills and experience. Pick a subject that you are passionate about and blog regularly to attract readers and establish your credibility. Aim to be a unique voice in the ‘blogosphere’.

There are a variety of free online services available that can help you with the technology side of setting up a blog. Then it’s a case of attracting followers by creating interesting content, updating it regularly and promoting it through other social networks such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Twitter's LogoPursuing a career in social media however is not just about knowing how to send a tweet, post a blog or set up a Facebook page. At the end of the day all businesses are looking at the impact social media has on their customer relations, business strategy, marketing and product positioning.

Demonstrate that you are serious by enrolling in a diploma in digital marketing and social media such as the one offered by the University of Middlesex. The postgraduate course combines theory and marketing practices to teach students how social media is contributing to entrepreneurship and innovation in modern businesses. Students attend guest lectures by professionals from some of the major organisations in web and social media including Google, Twitter and Groupon.

To have a competitive edge in social media, keep up to date with the latest developments. Understand the importance of monitoring, evaluation and analytics. You need to be familiar with the main social media sites but also the less popular ones as well which may have the advantage of providing a more targeted audience for the services or products you are promoting. You need to be able to spot trends and differentiate between up and coming sites and ones that won’t last the distance.

More than likely when you enter a career in social media you will be expected to be a good all-rounder and take responsibility for all areas of digital marketing. Job roles include social media officer, digital marketing manager or even director of social media. However larger organisations may allow you to specialise, so you could find yourself with a job title such as blog editor, analytics manager, designer, social media developer or content manager.