A review of our progress four months in

Today Technology Blogger has been live for 4 months – or 17 weeks and 3 days if you want to look at it like that.

Now after the first two weeks of being on the net, I wrote an article about what we had achieved as a community. Today I am going to do the same, but 17 (and a bit) weeks in, just so you can get a sense of scale as to the amazing feats that we have achieved.

Technology Bloggers LogoAs of today, the 13th of August 2011:

  • Our 15 writers have posted 65 articles
  • Our 120 commenters have posted 788 comments
  • We have tweeted 68 tweets to our 24 Twitter followers
  • We have posted 45 status updates to the 11 people who like us on Facebook
  • Our homepage has been awarded a Google PageRank of 3
  • Our Alexa traffic rank is 165,351
  • A fantastic community blog, which everyone should be proud to be a part of!

Take a look at our Google Analytics, (below) to see the true scale of the growth our blog traffic has had!

Technology Bloggers Google Analytics Graph (13/04/11-13/08/11)

Technology Bloggers traffic stats from the 13th of April 2011 to the 13th of August 2011

How have we achieved all this?

I have written a series on how to be a successful blogger, telling you what I have done that has helped the blog be a success, but I couldn’t have done this on my own.

The real answer is you guys! If you have written for us, commented on our content or even just read some of our stuff, it’s thanks to you that we have achieved what we have.

The best bit!

Great, we have achieved all this, but so what? Well I feel like I have gained a lot from the blog in this short amount of time, so I hope you have to, but remember we are a dofollow blog with great content, so everyone benefits! Read | Contribute | Benefit – it’s there for a reason 🙂

Readers gain knowledge and know-how from our content and others comments comments. Readers who also choose to comment benefit from the fantastic community we have and dofollow links. Writers benefit so much too: experience; exposure to a massive audience; dofollow links to their site; highly valuable, quality comments on their work; potentially AdSense earnings, etc.

The future…

Well done to all, we should be very pleased with our achievements, but I see this as just the beginning.

We have grown at such a rate in such a short space of time, I can’t see any reason why in a year or two we could have the likes of TechCrunch, Engadget and Mashable quaking in their boots!

Keep up the great work everyone 🙂


1 month of Technology Bloggers – happy days!

Technology Bloggers is now 1 month old. On the 13th of April 2011, Technology Bloggers was born. 1 month on I don’t need to boast about it’s success!

I have some great news to mark this ‘historic’ event!

Some great news for writers…

Info pages for writers
I have recently set up some pages for the writers of Technology Bloggers. These pages give details on all sorts of things that you may want to know about, concerning writing for Technology Bloggers. If you aren’t sure about something check them out and they should give you some guidance!

Resources For WritersApply for author status
Also, you are now able to apply for author status. This means that after three good, approved posts with no corrections, you can become an author, rather than a contributor. Authors will get a link on the sidebar to their site, and they will be able to publish content by themselves! Be sure to check out the author guidelines page first though!

AdSense for writers
From today, authors will be able to add 1 AdSense ad unit to their articles. I have decided to allow this as a way of thanking authors, as I can’t give contributors links on the sidebar too, as it will drain the blog’s PageRank!

Not sure what the ads look like? Check out the one below. AdSense policy says you shouldn’t encourage people to click on the ads, but if it looks interesting or useful, please don’t refrain from clicking, I am sure the author of that article won’t mind 😉

Why is there an AdSense ad on the sidebar?

This is to help me (Christopher Roberts) pay for the domain name and the hosting. Technology Bloggers has three domain names and buying these and hosting them isn’t cheap!

Happy day’s for writers 🙂

Considering writing for us? Check out our write for us page!