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  1. Christopher (admin team)
    Christopher (admin team) at |

    I think I understand you. There was Person 1 who very unfortunately died, and in searching for a photo, the press found a picture of Person 2 who had the same name as Person 1. They wrongly used the photo, and despite Person 2 telling them this, there was then an effort to prove that Person 1 was still alive, as people thought the living Person 2 was Person 1.

    If my probably more confusing understanding is correct, I think that is terrible! I suppose you really don’t appreciate the value of your identity until it is gone.

    Careless journalism cost a woman her life, she now has to live in fear of arrest and has had to leave her normal life. Terrible.

    A really interesting story, and a great example of how the internet can be very dangerous! That said, it is such a fantastic thing too.

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    1. Christa@Enterprise Mobility

      Its quite sad to know about the darker side of Journalism. A normal job could be a routine but there are certain professions which are more of a responsibility instead just as a job.
      Journalism is one such responsibility, where you’d have to be really careful while publishing or writing a story about.

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      1. jonny hankins
        jonny hankins at |

        I agree, you must remember that many journalists also put their lives on the line though, some lose them.

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  2. Nishadha@Diagramming Blog

    I also saw this story and it surely shows why it is even more important that journalists do proper research before publishing things. This case was even worse because newspapers and journalists didn’t change her picture even after she wrote to them endangering her life even further.
    Here’s another example of what can happen when journalists become too eager. http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2012/11/13/abc-station-botches-petraeus-book-cover-all-up-in-my-snatch/
    The race to become first to publish is damaging journalism I guess.

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    1. jonny hankins
      jonny hankins at |

      This reminds me of when they played the wrong national anthem last year at the shooting competition. They played the Borat version of the Kazak anthem from the film, very insulting! The organizers had downloaded it.

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  3. David@Mobile Application Development

    Journalism is a sensitive activity. It can have a huge impact, both negative or positive, on a person if their identity is mistaken for somebody else’s. A few weeks ago, my friend’s photo was in a local newspaper but the name was misspelled. Though it wasn’t creating much of a problem for him, he contacted the newspaper and made them issue an apology. We made the best of it an had a bit of fun with him during this time though.

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