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  1. Neil@Sydney Web Design

    I guess one problem with the Zite personalised magazine is that it eventually limits your exposure to interesting things that are outside your usual range of interests.

    I don’t have a huge interest in DNA but I read Jonny’s article because it attracted my attention. Similarly, I read a huge variety of things because I may be attracted by the headline or an image or simply the fact that I have time on my hands.

    Flow powered sounds like an interesting ap. I will give that one a try.

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  2. Rob@DVD Burning

    Dont’ forget the ever famout iFart app. Really??? But what a brilliant idea to get a ‘funny’ app for everyone to talk about and eventually download to see what it does. Wasn’t that the first viral app?

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  3. Christa Joe
    Christa Joe at |

    I guess using “mirror” is similar to using the secondary camera for the purpose. Though I haven’t used the application personally but this is what I’m speculating about. The basic behind the application is same as using the secondary camera, isn’t it?

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    1. Christopher Roberts
      Christopher Roberts at |

      Secondary camera as in the front camera Christa?

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      1. Christa Joe
        Christa Joe at |

        Yeah, that’s what I really mean Christopher

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