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Technology Bloggers has three different types of writer, guest bloggers, authors and editors.

Guest bloggers are well respected professionals or academics who write one-off or occasional posts for the blog. Authors write more frequently, but may not have started out with the same reputation. Editors usually post a few times each month and have other roles in the blog too.


Jonny HankinsJonny Hankins MA
Jonny is a multi-talented globetrotter currently working towards a PhD. He also works as a Foreign Correspondent for the Bassetti Foundation, an Italian organisation founded to help educate and promote the use of responsible innovation.

Jonny is currently on the editorial board of the Journal of Responsible Innovation and has published a book.

Previously Jonny has worked as a translator and a school teacher in Italy. He is a keen musician who has performed in various productions.

Jonny joined Technology Bloggers in July 2011 and has written over 100 articles since then. He gained editor status in September 2013, and has been writing a weekly article each Thursday since December 2011.

Christopher RobertsChristopher Roberts MSc
Christopher likes to travel and has set foot more than once on three continents – although this doesn’t come close to Jonny’s travels.

Christopher makes a conscious effort to be ethical and has the goal of making a positive difference to the world. His guilty pleasure is Formula 1, something he justifies by claiming it plays a big role in developing more sustainable transportation technologies.

Blogging has had a big influence on Christopher’s life. He started blogging in 2009, founding Technology Bloggers two years later. Today he still writes regularly for Technology Bloggers and enjoys it.

Nota Bene

Technology Bloggers used to use a different system, with contributors, authors, editors and admins. All writers appearing on this page have written for the blog since the move towards the current system. You can see the old our writers page here.