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Hello everyone!

It’s great to have you on the blog and fantastic that you’re taking an interest in who we are and what we do!

Technology Bloggers is a community blog, which is run and supported by several individuals.

What We Write About

Technology is our core area of writing, however we also post about the environment, computers, the Internet, science, blogging, social media, gadgets and more. A full list of the topics we cover can be found in the footer.

Our Structure

Technology Bloggers is not a business or a company. We are an organisation of people working together to provide a great blog. More information on the people who contribute to the site can be found on the our writers page.

Bassetti Foundation

The Bassetti Foundation is an organisation founded to champion and promote responsible innovation. Jonny Hankins works for the foundation and uses Technology Bloggers as a platform to share ideas on how to be more ethically minded in our pursuit of improvement.

For example have you considered the environmental impacts of 3D Printing particulates, or that your brain needs to be stretched to avoid digital amnesia?

In return for this platform, the foundation covers the hosting and domain name fees for Technology Bloggers. This ensures we can continue to operate without ads, without impacting our impartiality. See our joint statement for more.

Social Media

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Technology Bloggers Logo

All the avatars featured in Technology Bloggers logo are people from the community, who have written for or commented on Technology Bloggers. The logo was designed by Christopher Roberts, and is used to represent Technology Bloggers right across the web.

You can use our logo to refer to Technology Bloggers if you wish, however please respect the following:

  • Use the current logo – at the moment this is version 2.5
  • Don’t use the logo to falsely represent the blog, don’t pretend we endorse something if we don’t
  • Please don’t change the logo – you can resize it if you wish, but it must be kept in proportion
  • Be fair and don’t do anything dishonest or unethical with it

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